Friday, March 3, 2017

Tea Time with Newby Teas

I sort of procrastinated for V-Day this year because I really had no clue of what to get for the BF. Feeling kinda of lucky cos I won the Zodiac Mini Caddies from Newby Teas. Yeah! Before you guys go wow, I only won 2 out of the 12 caddies (BF and my Zodiac), not the whole collection la. 
I am more of a tea drinker than a coffee sipper, but lately I am taking coffee as my choiced caffeine cos I need to perk up in a shorter period of time. I have tried Newby Teas before and I don't think they are a familiar brand to many of you guys because they are a trade brand, supplying to hotels, restaurants and cafes. You just might have tasted them before.
The Marketing Manager, Serene was very nice and gave us some samples to try out. I am pretty excited about it because there is no better way to know a tea than to taste it out for yourself. This morning I tried the first one Ginseng Oolong. From the name, it was possibly my least favourite flavor from the samples she gave.
I think Oolong is alright but I have little love for Ginseng. The good news was it tasted pretty good leh. At the first cup, it was not overpowering. It is a light scented tea and had consistency till its second cup. And my cup is not a tea cup. So I am having pretty good vibes about it. If the worse is alright, the rest should be yummy. :) Will update if otherwise. 
And for many of you who are curious about the caddies, oh my goodness it is so pretty. With the midnight blue tins, the Swarovski crystals shine like stars. I am not sure for you, but it makes me wanna drink tea every day. And the caddies, I am sure everyone is going to end up keeping it as mementoes.
When I was looking at it for the first time, I thought it made very good corporate gifts too for clients who are really into alcohol. Each caddie comes in a very sleek packaging and is relatively affordable. Any tea lover would be sure to be quite intrigued to receive this. The BF seems happy with his present too :D *Bright approving smile*
Here's a photo of me attempting to be a tea model. Eyes closed cos I am barely awake savoring the tea. :P Because Newby Teas is an e-boutique, I thought I should be nice and pass you guys the Marketing Manager's contact details if you would like to contact her direct.
Serene Su

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