Sunday, March 5, 2017

Rings and Bands with Pantheon Silver

Ring talk :D Recently, I got a very nice though slightly small ring that I would like to share with you. Sorry, I missed the V-Day cos in retrospect, this would have made a very good gift from the guys to the ladies.
Pantheon Silver has quite a selection of accessories which is affordable and comes in a gift box. Personally I felt that the style of their collection leans towards being more classy. So the ladies can actually wear it even when they are older. 
Generally, I like all the the different accessories. But I picked a ring cos I thought I would wearing it more often. The rings are free-sized. But I didn't expect them to be so dainty. And so, it can't really be used as a promise ring but it makes a very pretty present for a child too. Initially, that was pretty disappointing. I chose not not to extend it but wore it on my pinky and is now liking this new style :D
I didn't realise it until now but I was sent the wrong ring. Ooops. Hahaha. What I am wearing is the Regal Sapphire Ring. The ones that caught my eyes were the Coroana Blue Sapphire Ring and the Asta Corona Ring. Don't really have much of an eye for detail, LOL, see is Sapphire and I was like :D
*Jiang Jiang* Actually I have tubby fingers so thin rings don't usually look nice on me. But if placed on the pinky, it is quite stylish too. I think if you want to accessorise more, you can also put on another silver ring on the middle finger (For me I might wear my midnight iridescent ring). I have been wearing the ring a while, washing my hands with soap, doing manual activities etc.
And I am pleased to say that none of the tiny stones has fallen off and the silver hasn't tarnish yet. I am not sure why but my fashion accessories always tarnish really fast after a wear. But of course, they are also a fraction the price of Pantheon Silver . I guess what you pay is what you get...
With my silvery nails, I think it looks awesome. But let me know if you think otherwise or if you think the other rings suit me better. It is kinda of too late to make the exchange right..

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