Sunday, March 12, 2017

First "Xylvester Girl in Asia"

For a person with only one head, I have a lot of pairs of shades. #Shady. But in my defense, I share my shades with my family and the BF. This also mean I have all the rights to have 5 pairs of sunnies. I gave a few away and so now I can present you Shade No. 5 (For all you know I call all of them Shade No. 5 like a Chanel No. 5 hehe)
This pair is a little different from the usual I own because the design is just so uncommon. The sides of my sunnies are made of wood. Yeap, you saw me right. Made of wood. If you think this is not fancy enough, you can check Xylvester out, it is a sunnies buffet (but not at a fixed price).
I like everything about Xylvester except it came in a sleek pouch which made me sweat a bit. Cos I really didn't want to receive it broken in the mail. It was wrapped in layers of bubble wrap. I am guessing this pair of sunnies is one hell of durable. But I still changed it to a fat case because you should always treasure what you love right?
My pair of shades is called the Fabiole (just in case you wanna trend with me). This shade is polarised with 100% uv protection (Don't go for anything that is not because it will damage your eyes) and has an anti-scratch coating. That is particularly important for me because I do wear specs and only swap them for photos. So my shades and galsses are always prone to damages. So the anti-scratch would definitely help to increase its lifespan.
You will definitely be seeing this shade with a lot of other looks. (But I didn't want to flood you guys) It can even fit a guy if the width of his face isn't too wide. (Like my Bro) But yea this is how I paired it when I went with my family to Gardens by the Bay. Even bumped into my BFF and her Mum there who caught me acting like a vainpot on a cloudy day. Oops there goes my image.
If you are looking for a nice pair of sunnies that is not too common in Asia/ Singapore yet, you may want to consider Xylvester. They are a Spanish Independent Eyewear Brand. They have different styles from retro to innovative chic deigned glasses. And they are of really good quality. :D
And because I am the first "Xylvester Girl in Asia" (I coined this marketing term myself), here's a discount code "XChaa" for a whooping 20% off. And psst, free shipping for Singapore, Australia and New Zealand too. Huat liao people. If you are not from any of these countries, please let me know and I will see what I can do as the first "Xylvester Girl in Asia" (making myself sound like a superhero now) :P

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