Friday, March 24, 2017

Q&A: All about Organic Shampoo

Many of you may not know, but surprisingly one of the top read post here is on haircare. I guess everybody is looking to have great mine. Hehe. 
So along with reviewing some organic hair shampoo, I will be doing a Q&A to answer all the hair questions you have been asking and asking!!! Yea, this is really something different but I hope it is still enjoyable. :D
  1. You tried different types of organic shampoos. This time you are trying out Chorus Supernatural. So what's the difference between them all?
I go for the smell of the shampoo. I like walking out of the bathroom smelling like a blooming flower. And when I flick my hair, I want the waft of my scent to linger in the room. I tried the Chorus Volumize Rosemary Mint and the Chorus Volumize Mandarin Ginger.
Chorus Supernatural by far is one of the best smelling organic shampoo. Between the 2, I prefer Rosemary Mint because I like my scalp to feel fresh if you know what I mean. :P
2. Is there anything that you didn't really like about Chorus Supernatural?
It just didn't foam. And that made me a little insecure. I kept adding water and pouring more shampoo. But yea, it is not a foaming shampoo. Personally I love mine with lots of bubbles. I just feel that without any lather, the head doesn't feel clean. Maybe that's why I like the Rosemary Mint better. 
But on the other hand, I really like the traveling pack sachets. It came with a zipper! Yes!!! How cool is that. No leakage and you don't have to use it all at once!
3. I would like to try using organic shampoo. Anything I should take note of?
Well, organic shampoo looks pretty much like normal shampoo. One thing you really need to note is that it strips off the silky effect cos it has no paraben. So, your hair may end up looking frizzy or dry. But that is really the true condition of your hair. (i.e. skin without make-up)
And because of this reason, many people stop using organic shampoo thinking that it is actually harming the hair. But you will soon realise that the use of organic shampoo prevents hair loss and maintains the overall state of your hair.
4. Help! Every single time I use an organic shampoo, regardless of the brand, my hair goes really dry like you warned. Why does yours look fine?
This is the number one question every one asks me and I think I have answered it many times through the various posts. And I honestly declare that I never use fully organic products at any one time. By that I mean, I mix the products. Organic Shampoo + Non-Organic Conditioner or Non-Organic Shampoo + Organic Conditioner. 
One thing to note you use organic shampoo, you cannot be lazy and avoid conditioning because your hair will grow frizzy. Mine did! And many people commented about it. Not everyday is a good hair day for me too. :(
5. Your curls are lasting annoyingly long. What are you doing to them?
Nothing. I just try to feed them hair oil. And condition them. Curls feed on oil. You already know the products I use and what I did to them. Here's how they look after 9 months! Maybe I am just lucky? 
We have come to the end of the Q&A and I hope you find this refreshing and informative. Feel free to ask me more questions if you have any on my hair and I will answer them if I know the answers :D I will do a skincare one next!

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