Saturday, April 29, 2017

Upcycle your Guitar

Feeling crafty or a music lover, you are going to love the new addition in my room. It is an *insert drumroll please* an upcycled guitar. If you have a spare guitar at home and don't really know what to do with it, I guess you really should read on.
But first let me share a little on upcycling. Upcycling is pretty much like recycling but adding more value to it. (Psst. This is my definition, not from an dictionary.) It takes a little innovation and creativity and viola, you may have something new!
So here's the finished product. You may wonder how it look like before we added on the little trinkets. Don't worry, I will show you the pictures later. So I added some lights and ornaments and the pop art guitar looks as one with my room. Find the pop art familiar. I ever had a post with a similar pop art. (Read post here.) Sad post though.
And if you think the guitar before, guess what it has been on TV before with Chen Ning. Whee~~~ So here's some information on how you get your very on Upcycled Guitar Shelf. This is a piece from Hey Izzy.
There are some pre-made designs or you may customise your own. If you are feeling adventuorous, you may even make your own guitar shelf at Hey Izzy's workshop . Apart from guitar shelves, there are also Ukelele shelves and even prints you can find on Hey Izzy. I know I have written about other forms of crafts. Pretty glad I am finally sharing on carpenter-ship. (Quite a dying art) :(  Hopefully this post will revive some interest in it.
Finally, here's what you all have been waiting. The shelf is made up of 2 pieces. And it arrived in a guitar case. The head of the guitar doesn't belong to the guitar but it makes a pretty interesting ornament. And I fixed the shelf myself! That's how easy it is. I hope you enjoyed the post. And do look out for more posts on dorm deco. And you may want to try out the upcycling workshop yourself. It sure sounds like fun!

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Something for (Pad)Eve

Today I am going to talk about feminine care for the lady parts. As this is unrelated to the male readers and some of you may feel grossed out by it, guys feel free to skip it. :D
I thought I will start off talking about pads first. For me, my brand is Kotex. This doesn't mean I don't use other brands, just that Kotex is my dominant brand. Lol! But for Kotex, there is this series (which is more expensive as well) that I really like. And that is the super thin and with flowery types. Apart from that series, all other Kotex pads are rather comparable and at times can be inferior from the other brands.
So, there is this new, local brand out in the market so I thought I would give it a try. Padeve is a herbal sanitary pad. Honestly, I have never used any scented pads to date because I always using artificial chemical in that area is just not safe. But if it herbs, I am still ok with it.
When I first opened the pack, I could smell the herbs immediately. The good thing having a scented pad is that it can mask the irony, blood smell on heavy flow days. So you don't smell too nasty. And the pad absorbs pretty well too. You don't have to worry about feeling squeamish.
I was contemplating whether to show you gals the inside of the pads cos it might really look unclassy. But I figured out, hey this is something we would like to see. And none of the influencers/ bloggers are showing. So, let me be different and do the "nasty".
I added the flowers and hey it looks cute already. These are the morning pads. The pink one being the liner at 18cm and the yellow ultra dry one at 24cm. Despite being local, the packaging is nice and very decent (Surprisingly better than some of the pads I buy in Malaysia.)
These are the night pads. The purple one is the ultra night at 29cm and the blue one is the all night 33 cm. For me, my flow can be insanely heavy at night. No pad can contain it. And it is still the case for Padeve. But I would still recommend you ladies Padeve if you are looking for a thin pad or have a musty smell every time you have a period.
Their price is actually comparable and maybe even cheaper than some of the established brand. If you are Singaporean as well, I think we might want to show some love to this start-up. My only grouse would be it has to be sold at the pharmacies la! (Cos that's where I usually grab mine!) For any of you who want to try it out for yourself, click the link here!
I thought I should also take the opportunity to share with you some of the products I have been using. I ever tried out the samples of Lactacyd feminine wash and it was pretty refreshing so I bought 3 whole bottles during their sales. Guess what! It didn't seem to work that well at first. Got some discharge. Buy the blue bottle Lactacyd one. It is better! :D
The wipes however is super duper good. It was the free gift of the bottles and now I am hooked on it. It is good when you are feeling eeky and itchy. I tried out other brands before and I think theirs is the best because the freshness is very apparent and lasting too! Okay, I shall not get carried away and end my post here. Let me know if you want me to share more LOL!

Monday, April 24, 2017

Pretty Little Things Part 16

It is 1 month ahead, but I know everyone doesn't mind when it comes early. :P It is Pretty Little Things again! There are a lot of shops that I really want to share with you guys. But yea, I just either forget or overlook them. 
So this time round, there is something, something different and something old. Sounds some tantalizing and mysterious MUHAHAHA! (at least that's what I hope :P )
I have never really shared anything on hats, snapbacks or even caps. So yea, this time round we have something to accessorise our head. So I came across Cap Town which has a really affordable selection of caps for both males and females. 
I guess I was a little bias cos they had cute avengers and batman snapbacks that's why I am putting them in. But if you click on the link, you will know why they deserve to be in Pretty Little Things. Legit earn their spot. 
Pokemon isn't as raging as before. But still it is unirresistanble. If you are more into the beauty scene, you would already long be aware about Tony Moly's Pokemon skincare range. At Sparkling Mask, apart from these cuties, the shop holds other masks that are sold really cheaply. 
For my readers only, there will be a 10% discount if you quote “ForFunk” when purchasing any items that are not under promotion from the shop. Say "Yeah!" to good deals. I really should have told you guys earlier hor!
I actually never shopped from this place before. I just find that they have really nice designer dresses. Yea, by the few pictures above, it is kinda of obvious what is my style already! Haha. This is a Chinese website so I hope it is credible.
Let me know if anyone of you has actually bought from it before and how is the quality etc. I can't really find much blog reviews on it either. *Fingers Crossed* So that's all I have for now. With so many new segments now, I hope the diversification is also engaging you readers on a higher level. :D 

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Food Tour Part 2

The only reason I am writing about food again is because I am clearing the photos in my phone and I realise that there are too much food photos AGAIN! (Food review blog maybe?!?)
I am also kinda of busy lately, and these are the only posts that doesn't require too much of my time to write since the photos are already are so well taken (supposedly for Instagram) but yea dono why never post also :( 
This is my favorite Korean restaurant of all time. I was contemplating for the longest time whether I should write about them because lol once they are famous, I would probably have to queue :( and I will lose a quaint spot where I can have a nice meal with my friends etc. (LOL!) But yes, this place serve the best Ja Jiang Mian ever. I even preferred it to those I ate it Korea.
I have tried nearly everything off the menu and I wouldn't recommend the dumplings. Other than that, all the food are very good although some of them is very Chinese cuisine like. I think they are owned by a Korean family (Not sure, cos every time only go there eat not to interview HAHAHA). But they are so good now, even though they are at a very hidden spot in Central, there is still a queue! Be prepared to queue if you are going there during dining hours.
My Dad actually makes pretty decent Bak Kut Teh so I don't usually have Bak Kut Teh outside. (My standards are very high.) If I do, I will have mine at Song Fa. :D There is actually a few other popular Bak Kut Teh stores (one on the purple line which I don't bother to remember the location cos I don't like it :P) but I like theirs best.

I think I like the strong herbal taste of the soup (Free flow some more) and their Chicken Feet. Damn good. Soft and Slimy. That means Yum. And I know a lot of my friends who like it as well. So I can happily conclude, I am in no way bias.

Had this on either my Mum and Dad's birthday. I don't usually take Crystal Jade lol cos my secondary friends like DTF and my college friends go for Paradise Dynasty (we even have membership with them?!?). So, I don't usually eat anything different. But...actually Crystal Jade is quite good too. 

I think comparatively. DTF is lighter. Paradise Dynasty is richer and more thicker in terms of taste and texture. The food serve at Crystal Jade is more homey and looks more unhealthy LOL! But is quite a nice variation to what we usually eat and have :D

Do try some of them and let me know if you like them as much as me. This segment is just interim as and when I have too much food photos. So, please don't keep asking when will the next one be up!

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Say What?! Salted Egg Potato Chips

Unabashedly, the best thing that happened this Easter apart from the long weekend (hey that happens every year!) is this savory picnic basket of snacks! And yes, I am very, very obsessed with anything with salted egg. So if there are any new salted egg product in town, ForFunk has to make sure we tell you first-hand!
The picnic box was so beautifully curated that I had a hard time thinking whether to just get snacks out first or spend some time taking some photos! So does it taste as good as it looks? Yea, it sure does.
Presenting the Easter Surprise of the year, it is the crunchy, spicy and so damn shiok Say What?! Salted Egg Potato Chips from the household brand Tip Top Curry Puff. The name is quite a mouthful. But once you taste the chips, you will surely make sure you keep those mouth full! (hahaha)
It comes in a resealable packaging which you probably don't need because once you start, you can't really stop. It is just that addictive. And like all egg yolk products, it is very sinful. :'( The only silver lining - hey, no preservatives added. All the more must finish it up while it is fresh!
Each piece is handmade, that's why no 2 chips are alike. But one thing I really appreciate was their generosity. The chips are thick cut and 100% russet potatoes! A thick layer of salted egg was also pread on each and every piece of chips! It was so good I woke up in the middle of night to snack on the other packet! (T.T)
Personally, I like my salted egg with a tiny bit of spice. And this was a perfect blend of spice, saltiness and crunchiness. I even dabbed bread, cookies, chips on the left-over salted crumbs. In fact, I think I may be suffering from withdrawal symptoms. 
Like all addicts, we are sure to spread the addiction! Stock is highly limited so head down to the Tip Tip Outlets and your very own pack at S$7 each (cheaper than another brand) to savour it for yourself. For bulk orders, you can e-mail
And just to make your Easter a whole lot better, present this post and you will get a free curry puff of your choice with every purchase of a packet of Say What?! salted egg potato chips. #WinLiao

Friday, April 7, 2017

Make my day: Bloomed Again

It was a very sian and warm Sunday morning. I walked out to water the plants in the sweltering heat. And visibly glistening under the hot afternoon sun, a huge bouquet of gorgeous flowers caught my eye. I have once again been bloomed!
I have never really understood the infatuation women has over flowers. Maybe that's because I never really received flowers too. But I guess when you own a beautiful part of nature, there is a part of you that starts to feel intoxicated and sings with joy <3
If there is one thing you really need to know, A Better Florist never disappoints. This is the 2nd time I am working with them. And even if you order the flower 1 day before, the flower will arrive. Punctuality is really key because the flowers I ordered for my Mum from a separate vendor on her bday never came. :( Talk about heartbreak.
Being overly excited, I decided to take the flowers on a photo/seflie spree even though the only thing I ought to really do was to study. Guess when something pretty comes in your life, you just gotcha abandon all things to tender to it. Haha.
Because I was really busy, I left the flowers in my room with little care. Surprisingly, it didn't wither. By Day 3, I was really done with my stuff and it still looked as fresh as ever. :) Not only had it "fragrant" my room, it has yet to droop.
Happily I fed it a few cubes and vowed to arrange them in a glass vase (that comes complimentary). Wow, talk about service right. And oh yea, just to let you know about the weight of the bouquet, it is rock heavy. I could even train my biceps with it. I guess A Better Florist didn't shortchange with lesser stalks. :D
I finally got around to putting it in its vase by Day 4. Yea, it was so much fun arranging it. And after plucking out some of the withering parts (it is after you unwrap the flowers, you realise some ain't as fit as they look), the bouquet was finally as big as my head and could finally fit in a screen with my head!
Just in case you are wondering if the flowers are forever so beautiful and rosy, the answer is no. By day 4, there were some parts that did not survive. But it was partially my fault cos I literally neglected it for the first 3 days.
Here's a behind the scene photo. I guess it just reminds us to treasure the things before us while it last. And so, I tried desperately to make amends by feeding it the flower food. It comes with the bouquet by the way. I should have totally fed them earlier.
Like a miracle pill, I watch my flowers thrive a few more days before they will eventually fade into oblivion. One thing I guess we must all understand, real plants die. We can extend their life but it will still leave us sadly. :(
But while it was blooming, the flowers brought a lot of joy to my family. My mum and brother took lots of photos of it. My brother gave me lots of advice on the flower arrangement and my mum and I cleaned up the remnants. My dad was like a behind the scene hero, tending to it when the flowers were in a vase. 
Just because something doesn't last over doesn't mean it is worthless. If you would like to get the exact same bouquet as mine, it is the Emma. There are a lot of different bouquets at A Better Florist, I am sure you will find that special one. :D
To me, you're perfect.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Sample Store First Beauty Show

Hello people, for the first time, we will be having a guest post. Hehe. And it is none other from my Mum. Yeap, that's because I am busy with school assignments. So she stand in for a few of my events. :D
Hope you guys won't mind a new, fresh perspective! The event is hosted by Sample Store. For any of you who would want to sign up to get free samples, please click on the link here to sign up!
Dear readers, I am Chaa's mummy. Chaa was very busy with school assignments that week so I stood in to attend Sample Store's first every Beauty Show on her behalf. It was lonely without Chaa because usually we would support Sample Store events together. 
Unlike the previous events we attended, the vendors that day do not sell any of their products. You needed to go online to purchase them. When I send Chaa the photos, she immediately asked about Mollifix. She was disappointed she couldn't get them under Mummy's expense. Heng never 破财!
This daughter of mine did not tell me that there would be so many 明星 there. I don't know that they are the contestants for SING!China Season 2 Singapore Selections. I saw many people trying to get their signature. I just followed suit. :)
My favourite segment was the makeup demo by Candy Tiong. It was very informative and I considered buying some of the products she used. I do feel younger and more in tune after learning about the beauty trends and meeting the 明日之星!
Despite being a little outdated, I recognised the host - Hossan Leong. Hossan was very witty and injected a lot of humour. I don't usually like to take photo. Since Hossan was very friendly and I managed to find a kind passer-by to help me take a photo, I decided to make an exception.
When I was home, Chaa asked me why it wasn't a selfie. I wanted a clear photo and usually the resolution for the front camera is poorer. Chaa seems very impressed with my knowledge on phone photography. Doesn't she know I have observed her enough to pick up a skill or 2?
To make her feel poorly that she has missed this interesting event, I even took my first food photo and sent it to her. The food by Carnivore Brazilian Churrascaria at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands looks good and taste good.
Chaa was very annoyed she didn't get to try the food, but that's just too bad. She did comment that I have some skills in food photography. Another thing she doesn't know is that her brother can in fact take better photos than her. I have also learnt some techniques from the young man. Mums can be very talented too!
Since I went on her behalf, I got her goodie bag too. For the first time, I have the first pick of the products I wanted. :) I pitied her so I gave her the notebook which looked like the envelope so that she can write her homework in it. 
Hossan shared with us that the Destino Advance Repairing Soap from Beauty Keeper is very effective, so I am looking forward to using it. Maybe it will make me look 10 years younger. :) I hope you enjoy reading the review.