Friday, April 7, 2017

Make my day: Bloomed Again

It was a very sian and warm Sunday morning. I walked out to water the plants in the sweltering heat. And visibly glistening under the hot afternoon sun, a huge bouquet of gorgeous flowers caught my eye. I have once again been bloomed!
I have never really understood the infatuation women has over flowers. Maybe that's because I never really received flowers too. But I guess when you own a beautiful part of nature, there is a part of you that starts to feel intoxicated and sings with joy <3
If there is one thing you really need to know, A Better Florist never disappoints. This is the 2nd time I am working with them. And even if you order the flower 1 day before, the flower will arrive. Punctuality is really key because the flowers I ordered for my Mum from a separate vendor on her bday never came. :( Talk about heartbreak.
Being overly excited, I decided to take the flowers on a photo/seflie spree even though the only thing I ought to really do was to study. Guess when something pretty comes in your life, you just gotcha abandon all things to tender to it. Haha.
Because I was really busy, I left the flowers in my room with little care. Surprisingly, it didn't wither. By Day 3, I was really done with my stuff and it still looked as fresh as ever. :) Not only had it "fragrant" my room, it has yet to droop.
Happily I fed it a few cubes and vowed to arrange them in a glass vase (that comes complimentary). Wow, talk about service right. And oh yea, just to let you know about the weight of the bouquet, it is rock heavy. I could even train my biceps with it. I guess A Better Florist didn't shortchange with lesser stalks. :D
I finally got around to putting it in its vase by Day 4. Yea, it was so much fun arranging it. And after plucking out some of the withering parts (it is after you unwrap the flowers, you realise some ain't as fit as they look), the bouquet was finally as big as my head and could finally fit in a screen with my head!
Just in case you are wondering if the flowers are forever so beautiful and rosy, the answer is no. By day 4, there were some parts that did not survive. But it was partially my fault cos I literally neglected it for the first 3 days.
Here's a behind the scene photo. I guess it just reminds us to treasure the things before us while it last. And so, I tried desperately to make amends by feeding it the flower food. It comes with the bouquet by the way. I should have totally fed them earlier.
Like a miracle pill, I watch my flowers thrive a few more days before they will eventually fade into oblivion. One thing I guess we must all understand, real plants die. We can extend their life but it will still leave us sadly. :(
But while it was blooming, the flowers brought a lot of joy to my family. My mum and brother took lots of photos of it. My brother gave me lots of advice on the flower arrangement and my mum and I cleaned up the remnants. My dad was like a behind the scene hero, tending to it when the flowers were in a vase. 
Just because something doesn't last over doesn't mean it is worthless. If you would like to get the exact same bouquet as mine, it is the Emma. There are a lot of different bouquets at A Better Florist, I am sure you will find that special one. :D
To me, you're perfect.


  1. The bouquet looks really beautiful! There’s always something about flowers that makes people feel good~ Haha flowers always makes a girl’s day! Shall go check out the website soon! I also personally really like the freestyle bouquets at ! I love how they allow customers to choose the style they like and allow the florist to craft the bouquet to suit the occasion and recipient!

    1. Hi Jiaxuan, glad you like their flowers. I have received bouquets from both shops before and they are really pretty.

      It really depends on your budget and what big a bloom you are going for :D