Thursday, April 27, 2017

Something for (Pad)Eve

Today I am going to talk about feminine care for the lady parts. As this is unrelated to the male readers and some of you may feel grossed out by it, guys feel free to skip it. :D
I thought I will start off talking about pads first. For me, my brand is Kotex. This doesn't mean I don't use other brands, just that Kotex is my dominant brand. Lol! But for Kotex, there is this series (which is more expensive as well) that I really like. And that is the super thin and with flowery types. Apart from that series, all other Kotex pads are rather comparable and at times can be inferior from the other brands.
So, there is this new, local brand out in the market so I thought I would give it a try. Padeve is a herbal sanitary pad. Honestly, I have never used any scented pads to date because I always using artificial chemical in that area is just not safe. But if it herbs, I am still ok with it.
When I first opened the pack, I could smell the herbs immediately. The good thing having a scented pad is that it can mask the irony, blood smell on heavy flow days. So you don't smell too nasty. And the pad absorbs pretty well too. You don't have to worry about feeling squeamish.
I was contemplating whether to show you gals the inside of the pads cos it might really look unclassy. But I figured out, hey this is something we would like to see. And none of the influencers/ bloggers are showing. So, let me be different and do the "nasty".
I added the flowers and hey it looks cute already. These are the morning pads. The pink one being the liner at 18cm and the yellow ultra dry one at 24cm. Despite being local, the packaging is nice and very decent (Surprisingly better than some of the pads I buy in Malaysia.)
These are the night pads. The purple one is the ultra night at 29cm and the blue one is the all night 33 cm. For me, my flow can be insanely heavy at night. No pad can contain it. And it is still the case for Padeve. But I would still recommend you ladies Padeve if you are looking for a thin pad or have a musty smell every time you have a period.
Their price is actually comparable and maybe even cheaper than some of the established brand. If you are Singaporean as well, I think we might want to show some love to this start-up. My only grouse would be it has to be sold at the pharmacies la! (Cos that's where I usually grab mine!) For any of you who want to try it out for yourself, click the link here!
I thought I should also take the opportunity to share with you some of the products I have been using. I ever tried out the samples of Lactacyd feminine wash and it was pretty refreshing so I bought 3 whole bottles during their sales. Guess what! It didn't seem to work that well at first. Got some discharge. Buy the blue bottle Lactacyd one. It is better! :D
The wipes however is super duper good. It was the free gift of the bottles and now I am hooked on it. It is good when you are feeling eeky and itchy. I tried out other brands before and I think theirs is the best because the freshness is very apparent and lasting too! Okay, I shall not get carried away and end my post here. Let me know if you want me to share more LOL!

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