Monday, April 24, 2017

Pretty Little Things Part 16

It is 1 month ahead, but I know everyone doesn't mind when it comes early. :P It is Pretty Little Things again! There are a lot of shops that I really want to share with you guys. But yea, I just either forget or overlook them. 
So this time round, there is something, something different and something old. Sounds some tantalizing and mysterious MUHAHAHA! (at least that's what I hope :P )
I have never really shared anything on hats, snapbacks or even caps. So yea, this time round we have something to accessorise our head. So I came across Cap Town which has a really affordable selection of caps for both males and females. 
I guess I was a little bias cos they had cute avengers and batman snapbacks that's why I am putting them in. But if you click on the link, you will know why they deserve to be in Pretty Little Things. Legit earn their spot. 
Pokemon isn't as raging as before. But still it is unirresistanble. If you are more into the beauty scene, you would already long be aware about Tony Moly's Pokemon skincare range. At Sparkling Mask, apart from these cuties, the shop holds other masks that are sold really cheaply. 
For my readers only, there will be a 10% discount if you quote “ForFunk” when purchasing any items that are not under promotion from the shop. Say "Yeah!" to good deals. I really should have told you guys earlier hor!
I actually never shopped from this place before. I just find that they have really nice designer dresses. Yea, by the few pictures above, it is kinda of obvious what is my style already! Haha. This is a Chinese website so I hope it is credible.
Let me know if anyone of you has actually bought from it before and how is the quality etc. I can't really find much blog reviews on it either. *Fingers Crossed* So that's all I have for now. With so many new segments now, I hope the diversification is also engaging you readers on a higher level. :D 

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