Saturday, April 15, 2017

Say What?! Salted Egg Potato Chips

Unabashedly, the best thing that happened this Easter apart from the long weekend (hey that happens every year!) is this savory picnic basket of snacks! And yes, I am very, very obsessed with anything with salted egg. So if there are any new salted egg product in town, ForFunk has to make sure we tell you first-hand!
The picnic box was so beautifully curated that I had a hard time thinking whether to just get snacks out first or spend some time taking some photos! So does it taste as good as it looks? Yea, it sure does.
Presenting the Easter Surprise of the year, it is the crunchy, spicy and so damn shiok Say What?! Salted Egg Potato Chips from the household brand Tip Top Curry Puff. The name is quite a mouthful. But once you taste the chips, you will surely make sure you keep those mouth full! (hahaha)
It comes in a resealable packaging which you probably don't need because once you start, you can't really stop. It is just that addictive. And like all egg yolk products, it is very sinful. :'( The only silver lining - hey, no preservatives added. All the more must finish it up while it is fresh!
Each piece is handmade, that's why no 2 chips are alike. But one thing I really appreciate was their generosity. The chips are thick cut and 100% russet potatoes! A thick layer of salted egg was also pread on each and every piece of chips! It was so good I woke up in the middle of night to snack on the other packet! (T.T)
Personally, I like my salted egg with a tiny bit of spice. And this was a perfect blend of spice, saltiness and crunchiness. I even dabbed bread, cookies, chips on the left-over salted crumbs. In fact, I think I may be suffering from withdrawal symptoms. 
Like all addicts, we are sure to spread the addiction! Stock is highly limited so head down to the Tip Tip Outlets and your very own pack at S$7 each (cheaper than another brand) to savour it for yourself. For bulk orders, you can e-mail
And just to make your Easter a whole lot better, present this post and you will get a free curry puff of your choice with every purchase of a packet of Say What?! salted egg potato chips. #WinLiao

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