Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Snacking with Mr Bazaar

Are you like me? Always feeling hungry and craving for some snacks? Check out what I have for you today! Yes! Savory snacks. I thought it would be nice to introduce some new munchies to some of you readers who are studying or working hard and need something crunchy to munch upon.
From crackers, anchovies and even pretzel popcorns, here are some of the snacks you can get to try with Mr Bazaar. And they are not the common ones you can get off the shelves. How many of actually have anchovies for snacks?! By the way, they would taste great with porridge too!
Since there are 2 of each flavours, let me help you eat your calories wisely. You may consider my favourites.
1. Chao Lay Crispy Anchovy (Tom Yum) Vs. Chao Lay Anchovy (Original)- Sorry but I am a 100% Tom Yum and spice girl so I guess you know which one works for me. The Original is awesome too. In fact this is so original you got to try it!
2. Yuki Original Vs. Yuki Snowy Milk - This is like Wang Wang, with a richer prawn taste. Since young, I always like the Sugar Snow Flakes. So I guess it is Yuki Snowy Milk for me!
3. Darda Premium Popcorn Caramel & Cashew Nut Vs. Darda Premium Popcorn Caramel & Pretzels - Honestly both are so good I can't tell the difference at all. One has Pretzels and the other doesn't? The Pretzels honestly isn't that fantastic, but the popcorn are awesome. Best I ever had. 
The price is really reaonsable, cheaper than Lays Chips! Do get some yourself from Mr Bazaar's website or NTUC. If you want to do some sampling, you can try some at the coming Food Fair at Expo Hall 4 from 26th - 30th May. Their booth is H-05/1!
Hope you have a yummy good time. Trust me, they are worth every crunches you will eventually have to do. Muahahaha!

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