Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Updated: Singapore's Young Zoologist

We are going to the Zoo Zoo Zoo
How about you, you, you?
You can come too, too, toooooo
We are going to the Zoo, Zooo~~~~

If you are not a local reader, you may not know that the Singapore Zoo is one of the fanciest in the World. My friend got free tickets to the zoo and I really need a break from all the books. Guess that's where I am going too! She actually had tickets to all the other nature parks, but I have been there before.

I really wanted to go to the Bird Park though but it was during an exam day. Guess I will be going myself some time after. By the way, the Bird Park is undergoing a revamp. So soon, it will be congregated with the other parks. That's why I am going before this change happen. And you should too.

Do zoom in on the pictures, cos some of the animals are camouflaging with their little ones. It was a very hot day. So most of the animals are hiding in the shade. Although I act like a National Geographic photographer (waiting and staring for the moment), I don't have their camera equipment to zoom Hahaha.

Every part of the looks awesome by the way if you are hoping the zoo can boost your Instagram photos. But yea as a collage, it does lack colours, looking kinda of green, brown. I really enjoyed the shows so do get the map and plan your time wisely there. Sadly, I didn't manage to catch most of the shows.

If you are not into live animals, there is an exhibition are extinct dinosaurs too. I was kinda of overly excited by it and got chided by the BF for being more interested in the real attractions. Oops. I was also overly happy petting farm animals too. Haha, I really got my priorities wrong didn't I?

But if you were to visit, don't make the same mistake as me. The Singapore Zoo though not very huge contain a lot of animals. You can definitely finish the whole park (if you don't have kids) within a day and just in time for River Safari and the Night Safari. The price of the food in the Singapore Zoo is considered expensive even for a Local, so we went out for a late lunch after we were done.

Here's a video tour of the Singapore Zoo. Sorry but due to time constraints, the editing is grossly terrible. And the song is not very appropriate for the zoo. But it is nice to bop too. Do love our animals too. I manage to catch some footage of their feeding time. Yea! Lucky!

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