Friday, May 26, 2017

Join the Sisterhood with Sister Act

Feeling really lucky cos we won tickets to a Broadway Musical - Sister Act. Guess all the watching of cinemas at WE is all worth it. Check out my previous post on what you can should try at 321 mall if you missed that earlier!
This musical is based on a movie (which I never watch before), I am guessing it is way before my time? So basically, it is about a wannabe singer, Deloris Van Cartier who was put into protective custody as a nun in a convent after she witnessed a murder.
This is the first time I am attending a musical and also going to Mastercard Theatres so I wasn't quite sure what to expect. But surprisingly, on a Thursday evening, the theatre was nearly full. And another unexpected surprise was that 'Wow, the seats were actually really good'. Thank you WE and Base Entertainment for your generosity. 
My Bro and I aren't really fans but the people around us were. Before the show even started, I could hear excited murmurs and chatters about how excited they were and how long they waited for this to me here. And so my expectations went up too.
Individually, I don't really think the singers voices were that good. But together their voices were like angels. For the first part of the show, I nearly fell asleep. LOL. It was a Thursday evening mind you so that was tiring. Haha. But after the interval, wow, I found myself bobbing my head and humming along.
The costumes and choreography got better to the end. It was amazing and really made me wanted to check out the movie. They even had people standing up and clapping at the end. I didn't stand cos I thought the musical was not that perfect yet. (Haha, critical). But, I think it was worth my time and Friday's exhaustion.
Musicals are definietely way more expensive than movies. But, after experiencing it once, I really think we all need to indulge for one at least once in a lifetime. For those who are keen to check out Sister Act, you may follow the link here. (No commission for referral ok, just to set the record straight!)

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