Friday, June 9, 2017

Upcycling with Passion Woodworks

Following our previous post on upcycling, I thought I will share with you another form where you can recycle (pallets) see picture below into furnitures. Although pallets may look rather flimsy, due to their structural arrangement, whereby the wooden planks sit in a cross-section on each other.

Usually, pallets are used during transport to protect cargo as they move from one place to another. They are durable for sure. But I guess some of you must be wondering if they look as good as a deco in the house. Will it make the house look too industrial?

So here's a shoe shelf I designed for myself. Obviously, as you can see it is no longer used for its original function. It is kinda of sturdy so I am using it to store some of my stuff. This includes heavy meat bars etc. Haha. If you are planning to design something yourself, you might consider upcycling pallets.

Most people like me are not much of a DIY person, so you might want to find your carpenter. The wood craftsman behind this shelf is Passion Woodworks. You can check out their crafts. They have a lot of nice designs and you can customise your own so that it fit your function.

Here are some of their previous works which I really like. Do make sure you request your piece to be finished. Otherwise the rough parts may hurt your fingers and scratch your paraphernalia. Alternatively you can also lay paper like mine.

Personally, I ike the natural wood with its flaw and all. But if you are particular, you can always request for your furniture to be sprayed-painted. I think white looks especially nice? So do check out Passion Woodworks and their upcycling works and let me know if you would like to read more about such articles.

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