Thursday, June 1, 2017

Food Tour Part 3: Tanjong Pagar Theme

Maybe I am really growing fat. Cos I am writing about food again. This is because after my exams, I have more time on my hand to eat with my friends. More time means can eat more. Haha, as simple as that. Usually, I eat the same stuff. #loyaltytofood

But I tried some things that are different cos I have new friends. Kidding la. Cos after exams very stressed so easily influenced to eat other type of food and try something different. Hehehe.

100 AM Level 3

Oops, I wish I am able to give you more information, but crap I really forgot what it is called. It has a curtain over the entrance though. :D Yea, usually this is not my go-to place for my Ramen craving. But oh my, it is actually really good. More expensive than the Orchird Hotel one though, but it is a nice change.

It is a lot more savory and the portion is humongous too. But oh well, it is pricer too. It is really a good rainy day comfort food meal. And if you are a big eater, you should go for this instead!

This is like my favourite vegetarian store so don't be too shock to see me munching there. So it is only recently I found out that they moved to a more inaccessible location. Sian. And now that the environment look slightly more atas, the price also go up a bit liao. Double sian. But I think the portion did grow bigger.

My friends used to ask me like "filling meh? No meat leh!" Trust me, you won't need a second helping there. And in terms of taste wise, it is really one of the best vegetarian good I have ever tried, but yea it is a little on the more fancy side. Tell me if you like it ok cos I really want to open their franchise store. :)

I am only eating at this place because I am on my way to eat the Ramen at Orchird Tower but the BF, not me, him ok wanted to try something different and wanted to spurge. The meal isn't cheap but the food was decent and the portion is amazing.

I think the concept is interesting as well cos you can actually book your trip to Japan here as well. I think it is a waste not to serve Jap food but hey maybe they wanted a bigger target market. BTW, these photos even won a bit of a contest. So yeah to great photography!

So here's a photo by the BF of me looking all dumb after my exam. Quite a terrible angle but that's the best he can do. Trust me. And I just realised all the food places this time round is in Tanjong Pagar again! Guess I just gave you guys variety. Enjoy, and let me eat up another around of food to share :D

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