Sunday, July 16, 2017

Jules Taylor Launch on ANKA

This is something a little more unusual for our blog. But I am there are some of you who may be wine connoisseur. Then you may like the post we have for you today. For those who are under the legal drinking age (18) you may need to give this a post a pass. Don't worry we have other posts that are suited for you :D

So today we going to introduce you wine that comes all the way from New Zealand, Marlborough - Jules Taylor. This is a family owned boutique wine. The wine is on the fruiter side so it may suit a lady's taste well. :)

Just to share a little more about the brand, there are 3 ranges (1 for everyone, depending on your budget and drinking experience you are looking for.
  1. Classic - also known as the Better Half Series. For newbies, we would suggest this as it is lighter and sweeter, without compromising the flavours. This is also more fruit friendly. We will be talking more about the food in another post. :D
  2. Premium - This is the award winning series, also known as the 'Jules Taylor' collection. It is intermediate between the Elite and Classic. and may be suitable who wants a stronger Classic.
  3. Elite - For those who appreciate the better, more exclusive wine, OTQ is the one for you. It has the stronger after-taste and the "siapness".

The launch of Jules Taylor was very different from the other launch. We were sent to the sea on ANKA, enjoying OTQ. Because ANKA is such a rare luxury treat, it deserves a paragraph or 2 by itself. Going onboard and spotting a jacuzzi makes staycation looks too mainstream.

Even the toilet looks instagrammable. ANKA is the biggest among the Monohulls being offered by One 15 Luxury Yachting. Usually I like to joke that this is one trip/ party, you can't end early. But given the amount of amenities and comfort, you probably don't want it to end early too!

Usually the charter of the yacht comes with food. But I will not be talking about the food in this post. We are saving it for the next one, lest this post can do heavy and wordy. OTQ was made on the quiet by Jules and it is a real pleasure to sip it whether in solace or with company.

Especially with the sea wind blowing against your face, it is just one unforgettable memory. For those of you who go out to sea often, do consider bringing this along as your ideal beverage. But don't get too intoxicated.

Leaving you with a video of ANKA instead of one of the islands, cos they were just too green. And well, it may not be as appreciated by you guys. By the way, if you want to visit any of Singapore's public islands, perhaps you might want to consider yachting there. New vacation idea, huh!

Note: This post was written with input from my representative.

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