Thursday, July 13, 2017

Food Tour Part 4: Hawker Version

So you may know by now that I am working (out) hard. And apparently, I realised I have been eating damn hard too. Lol! Considering the food photos I have accumulated thus far. Well, I guess I have truly been eating.

FYI, not all reviews are good. So please read them carefully. These columns are food that I bumped into. Some are hits while others are misses!

Amoy Spicy Noodle (Near the ATMs)
I am sure many of you have heard of Noodle Story but this is not it. (Sorry, I forgot the store's name!) This is also at the first floor but at the other end. Taste-wise, it isn't as fancy but it has a queue too. And it is around $3-$4. My friend doesn't like it. She say "not spicy enough" but it wasn't too bad. Not something I would have craving for but is something I am fine filling my stomach with.

I actually burst the egg and mixed it? I am not sure if that's how you eat it. But I like my noodles soggy. It comes with a bowl of soup too. Try it and let me know if you like it. :D

MACS Nasi Lemak Burger
I did try the Minion's stuff the last time round. And unfortunately it didn't work my way. I just didn't like it. Shake head fervently! Guess banana is not my thing. But you know I like novelty so I gave this new MAC trend another go. It was initially pretty conflicting cos Nasi Lemak and burger just sounds like a huge amount of calories.

But it is all worth it! Please try it, I know some influencers called it confusing but I love it. It is a mouthful of Nasi Lemak goodness and worth every calories. And the coconut pie is awesome too. I tot the drink was just average. But I still want this to be in Macs permanent menu. Just change the bread to rice and this is perfect! (BF was so hungry. The photo even has him putting his hands at his tummy! WTH!)

Clementi Central Chwee Kueh
There are so many people raging on how good their Chwee Kuehs are. But I really think this is the best I have tasted so far. I only go for Clementi Centrals's cheap and yummy one (even though it writes there Bedok -_-) In fact, Clementi has a lot of good food. I should really do one post on it some day.

Yea, do go and try them out! This is really where I satisfy all my Chwee Kueh cravings. And mind you, I got try out the "famous" Ghim Moh one too. I still think this one is better. :D

There is going to be a lot more food posts coming up. (I have too much photos!) So if you are a foodie or is just hungry for more choices, you can just keep reading. :D

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