Saturday, July 22, 2017

Food Review: WOK°15 Kitchen

Ok, this post is kinda of delayed. But hey good stuff are worth the wait right? So remember during the launch of Jules Taylor (read more about the post here), food was being served! Today, we will be sharing with you more about the food!

First off, more information about the WOK°15 Kitchen. Lauded as "Singapore's Top Restaurant" by Win & Dine, you can expect hearty Cantonese cuisine that will appeal to even diners with the most discerning tastebuds!

I hope you are feeling hungry because we are going to do a a quick run through of all the food. (Look at how yummy they are! Mind you, these photos don't even need to be edited!)

Appetizers (at the bottom)
  1. Deep Fried Fish Skin - This is sinfully good. Fried to crunch perfection. But please don't have to much of it, it is not that good for your health.
  2. Chilled Cucumber & Garlic - It is what we call the "开胃菜" (open stomach vegetables LOL!). It is refreshingly good and is a good cleanser to the savory food coming out next. 
  3. Sautéed Pork Belly with Special Sauce - I am pork belly lover so I would recommend this side as well. Once again, this should be shared unless you want to get a free float around your waist!
  1. Deep Fried Marble Goby with Deluxe Soya Sauce - WOK°15 Kitchen is really good in their frying skills. (Yumm!) However, I am always of this impression if the fish has to be fried it is less fresh than the one being steamed. 
  2. Sautéed Beef Cubes with Garlic Flakes - I hope you readers can consume beef because it is such a waste to miss this. The thick cubes were juicily good! Mmm!
  3. Singapore Chilli Crab with Fried Mantou - We saved the best for last. For overseas readers, this dish is one of Singapore's pride. Most tourist I know like to go Jumbo to satisfy their craving. You know what, I think you can come to WOK°15 Kitchen for it. I love the buns. Can eat them on their own.
And by the way, I am super in love with the atmosphere at WOK°15 Kitchen (although sometimes I think any place with a sea view can easily win me over.) Personally, I like it because it is quaint. The exterior and interior is elegant making this a good place to host business lunches.

If you are going to get married soon, there is even a grand dining hall available! I think it can be quite an exoitic experience for the guest though those who are trying to take public transport in may face a little difficulty. (It can only accommodate up to 120 guests so it is quite perfect for a small wedding!)

This is the point where everyone starts scolding us for being hedonists. We were enjoying the yacht so much we actually took quite little photos of the food. Oops.
So here's some of the finger snacks served on board:-
  1. Chilled Drunken Chicken Roll with Osmanthus and Wolfberries - This is actually really good for health. And for a health food, this taste awesome! Order this on board!
  2. Sautéed Scallops with Egg White and Truffle Oil - This is super luxurious and a delight to the tastebuds. The generous truffle oil is going to make all fans of truffles squeal with delight. Do try it ok!
  3. Sautéed Prawns with Wasabi Sauce - This is one of the finest combination. It is good but if you are looking for something exclusive, this may not be what you are looking for. 
With that, we have come to the end of the event launch write-up. Please don't be too surprise if you catch me at WOK°15 Kitchen in the near future. :D

Note: This post was written with input from my representative.

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