Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Food Tour Part 5: Orchard Theme

I am so sociable last 2 months that (1) I am eating out a lot and (2) I am trying out a lot of new places. Cos it seems that my friends have more of a life than me. Hahaha. But on the bright side, now you guys have a review and will better choices. Get a bang from your bucks. (Is that how it is even supposed to be like?)

This is going to be a post where you read and wonder, this woman has issues. She keeps up with her friends annually?!? Hey, hey, hey that's because they are not in town and busy with life ok. I do meet my friends rather frequently except for these few. :P

Was at Orchard to support my friend's flea at Shine Festival (Dang the stuff sold there are really quite expensive.) OMG, Shine was super awesome this year, simply because I took home so much cute and good freebies - a "dogtag" of decent quality, a miniature kueh, had free drinks every 100m and the free pens were good. (I mean rarely come across free pens where the ink flows so well.) Sorry for the side-track.

Back to food :P This is actually the second time I am at Nantsuttei . But because I didn't take any photos there the last time, I didn't really review about it. Now that I have a photo at hand (Don't even need editing), let's talk about how yummy it is. I think if you have a good broth, it is kinda of difficult for the ramen to go wrong.

Situated at Orchard Central, I think it is quite convenient for many. It is also cheaper than the last ramen I reviewed and taste quite close to my favourite ramen. (The price is similar too!) Take the pork stock one cos the miso one isn't as nice! Enjoy!

To celebrate one of my friend's birthday, and another for winning an award and being back in town. We went for "Hype Sushi". Honestly, I really do not get the hype over this. I don't think it is really worth the queue for its quality and price. Apart for the cho cho train that delivers your food, it kinda of got stale after a while.

I did try some of their weird food. Apart from the lime float, the rest were just disappointing. I even got scolded by my friends for offering food. "Nobody wants to eat the food you don't like and messed up with your chopsticks!" Thanks B. Thanks. I really feel your love. LOL!

I really wanted to share with you guys my friend's cute little baby. Well but after second thoughts, there are so many pedophiles out there. God knows if someone might go download his photo and do naughty things with it. Guess we shall now mix kids with food. So this is what my friend and I had. It has been like a year since we met up (Guess motherhood overwhelmed her.)

Because both of us were so out of touch with the social life out there, we decided to try this "new place". Sorry if it isn't as new. :P We thought the food was reasonably priced, actually is cheap, and of decent quality. Good for students. Do try out their set meal if you are looking for affordable western food!

Dessert posts coming right up soon! Stay tune!

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