Thursday, August 31, 2017

Cookie Monster Savage: Mama Precious

I am feeling quite embarrassed as I am writing this post. The cookies appeared in my mailbox. And by night, there were not a single piece left. Well, maybe some crumbs here and there. Well, we all know handmade cookies taste best cos better and more ingredients are used.

So here are some of the photos of the cookies from Mama Precious! I tried out the Chocolate Chip and Cranberry flavour! (For any of you who are dates lover, you can even try out the date flavour!) And between the 2, I actually like the Cranberry better simply because the chips tasted slightly softer. (Maybe cos chocolate chips are generally chunkier in nature!)

One thing I observed were that there were very generous servings of chips and cranberry in each cookie. The cookie were made of steel-cut oats and I could really feel their texture in it. (It is more chewy than normal cookies, FYI!)

And immediately when you open the packets, you can smell the delicious aroma of the cookies! Each packet came with a seal but we really didn't get the chance to use it, cos we finished it immediately on the day itself! Guess good things don last long in this family.

By the way, these are lactation cookies, which means it is great for increasing the supply of your breast milk. Having said that, this doesn't mean you have to be a women or breastfeeding to enjoy these cookies. :D Let me know if any of you readers have tried these cookies, this make great afternoon tea snacks for the young and old!

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Food Tour Part 6: What's for Supper

Hehe, just clearing some supper-worthy photos. Here are some of the sinful food I really love and I thought I would just share it with you :D

Qualifier: I don't really eat after 10pm so this is already considered my supper food already. All these chain outlets close pretty early though. Oops Haha.

1. LiHo Bubble Tea
Okay, I think this is pretty contentious because there are some really heartcore Gong Cha fans out there. And you know what, I like Gong Cha too. But LiHo is not over-priced nor is it not worth the hype. I tried the cheese foam and I super love it. It is so damn awesome.

The plastic packaging is of better quality and it comes with a cute heart. I am sure whether all this is necessary but I am still okay with paying the price if I am craving for some salty cream foam. Gong Cha lovers, come hate me now.

2. Jalan Kayu Prata Cafe
Not sure when it started, probably since I became stressed. LOL. My favourite food now has become Tissue Prata with Iced Teh Bing. And I don't even like the normal prata. Only love the thin tissue prata (which is more expensive too T.T)

I think all pratas are equally good. LOL! But I usually alternate between 2 cos they are nearer to my house. But I will recommend this one in this post cos it closes earlier haha and fit the theme as the others. LOL! It is a chain outlet cos they have quite a few around Singapore. 

3. Crave Nasi Lemak
There are a few which many people say are good. But I kinda of like this one even though it is quite expensive. My Mum always say Nasi Lemak shouldn't cost more than $2.50 max., given the cheap ingredients it use. But yea this is almost 1.5x that cost price! o.O But I like the generous servings and it taste really good. *Thumbs Up* (If it doesn't look as good in the photos, it is my fault!)

I am not sure whether it constitutes as a supper food since most people eat that as breakfast right? But I don't LOL! One thing for sure, it sure is sinful. So that's the end of my junk food post. Haha. I really should be watching health. Can't wait to get better and write even more content heavy post! 

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Sail with Me

Sorry for the lack of the usual content. School's started and I am still fumbling over some adult problems. :( Kinda, of sucks when you are in a middle of no where. I will be sharing with you my "Indonesia Ambassador photos" soon :D

Since I am still busy sorting out my travel photos so I thought I will share some photos of sailing instead. Yea, I am a sail girl. Woohoo! But cos I injured my calf overseas, I guess this is the end of my sailing journey for a while.

Starting off with videos first, in fact I have tons of them. But it is going to be too "heavy too load" if I upload them all up in this post. So I am going to just share the most "exciting" moments. Personally, I love sailing. I think I am just a sea-baby. (This doesn't mean I am a good seaman in any sense.)

I think when you are out at sea. There is a sense of freedom (in my terms, lost of all control and you temporarily leave your fate to some higher powers!) I like having full control of my life. But after sailing, I just learn to let loose and go with the flow literally.

I think initially the most fearful part was being dunked underwater , getting hit by the poles or smashing into the rocks (All happened to me! :( when I was onboard) But now, I am like okay just react to them. In fact, I think my brain has now been trained to be able to think in "crisis mode".

Life's so called madness is now a breeze LOL! Perhaps you need to have your life flashing in front of you a few times before you appreciate the mundane stress-filled days in your life. LOL! And here's a cool fact, I am sailing with my brother. But I am hoping that my new partner will be my BF. (Cos I really want to show him what I see out there instead of describing it. Some things can't really be felt through words. Romantic huh <3)

And here's some of my little sailing pics (cos I never bring my GoPro out to sea. I am going to do a separate post on the items you should invest in a GoPro and where to get them in one of my subsequent posts soon. 

And the picture of my scar, yea it is in the shape of an apple (love mark from the BF). Initially, it looked pretty cute and cool until it blistered up and turned dark. Had to see the doctor who charged me for bandaging but instead applied disinfectant only. Feeling very sian cos this may leave a permanent scar (disfigured) and I didn't buy travel insurance woa. (Hope it doesn't get infected. Pray for me kay!)

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Az-Ziyaat Perfumes: Alcohol-free Fragrances

Okay Muslimahs, just in case you think I have forgotten about you ladies and the previous post I did was on-off. Nope, I am still trying to find content for you girls and continue talking about cultural-neutrality. Just that, it is really very rare to find collaborators.

Today, we will be sharing with you readers something very interesting - fragrances which are alcohol free. As many of you may know, alcohol are the usual bases of perfume. And they are the reason for the refreshing feeling after a spray.

So far my experiences with using perfumes without alcohol is that the scent actually last longer. One thing that I like is that they are sold in smaller quantity, so it is not as expensive for you to own many bottles and have variety. For this posts, all the fragrances are from Az-Ziyaat Perfumes. I have tried 6 of their ladies' collection and thought I would rank and share a little more about each for the benefit of you readers.

1. Lilies - Personally, this is my favourite because I love my scents fresh and flowery.

Top: Neroli
Heart:Rose& Gold
Base: Sandalwood

2. Pink Feminine - If you like fruity perfumes, you may like this. Personally I prefer this sweet scent over the citrusy scents
Top: Peach
Heart: Violet Leaf
Base: Cardamom & Vanilla

3. Cinta - This is the more citrusy version which I ranked 3rd :D

Top: Apricot
Heart: Rose
Base: Virginia Cedar

4. DLCS - This is a very calming and soothing scent if you are feeling kinda of soft and light.

Top: Magnolia
Heart: Violet & Apple
Base: Sandalwood

5. Infused - I don't really this because I find the citrusy scent too strong and overpowering.

Top: Blood Orange
Heart: African Orange Flower
Base: Patchouli

6. Secret Glaze - I am not sure why but this was definitely not for me. Gah, in fact I found the scent rather pungent LOL. Guess that's why they say you can find a mate through the sense of smell. Different people really like different scents.

Top: Pear
Heart: Chamomile & Violet
Base: Aloe vera

For you readers out there who may be holding events or throwing a wedding soon (congrats), you may want to consider these tiny little babies from Az-Ziyaat Perfume as your wedding flavours. They are so cute and your guests can try out the different flavours. If you are planning to get one for yourself, consider the bigger bottles as they will be more value for money and it is unlikely you will like all 6.

And such perfumes are definitely cultural-neutral. Although we do associate them more with the Muslims, it doesn't mean that non-muslims can't use them. In fact, it is just about finding the right scent. And psssttt...Az-Ziyaat Perfume provides delivery too :D

**Just for our readers, Quote "ForFunkBlogspot" and you can purchase the 10ml roll on perfumers at a discounted price of $17 instead of $20.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Dreamcatchers just for you

Sweet Dreams, I hope all of you are sleeping well. If you aren't, here's a old wives' remedy for all of you :D Wrapped up neatly and protectively, I am sure many of you are wondering what's this.

Is it edible? Nope.
Is it pretty? Yes, it is very.
Does it work for all? Well, you can pick and select until you get what you like... Hehe. Or you could always pick a pre-made one.

Presenting a dreamcatcher from Sahkyo & Co :D It is so pretty that even my brother and my boyfriend paused to have a second look. (Yea, and we thought guys are always not interested in such things! Guess they must have yet to seen something that has caught their eyes.)

Because I always think I am kinda of one-of-a-kind, I didn't pick anything off the shelf and got it customised instead. Customisation is pretty fuss-free, you just have to answer a few questions:-

1. Feather Colours:
White, Blue, Light Blue, Purple, Light Pink, Orange, Light Orange, Grey
2. Bead Colours (Almost all colours are available)
3. Name to customised on the catcher (if any)
What is the name that you would want on the catcher?
4. Type and Colours of Weaving (aka netting) 
5. Misc:
Any other details you would want to have? Any other reference photos that you have?


I am sure some of you are wondering "woa...that's quite a handful of meticulous questions." As each of the dreamcatchers are painstakingly handmade, the details that you have answered will be slowly brought to life. Check out some of the behind the scene photos Sahkyo & Co has kindly shared.

If you are not very much of a creative person and thinking out a brand new design is too painful, you can click on the links and check out the past work. (Psst...what I did was compile the photos of the different parts of the dreamcatchers designs I liked.) And let me tell you a secret, Sahkyo & Co has one of the biggest selection of designs. You won't even dream or seen some of her past creations. #mindblown.

If you are looking for something smaller and closer to heart, here's some dreamcatchers keychain design. Should I give them away? But they are so cute <3 Comment below if you really want them :P

And oh yea Sahkyo & Co is on carousell as well. You can find more stuff and other designs there. But the instagram which I have linked focuses only on dreamcatchers which may make searches easier :D And let us know what you would like to read more at ForFunk, as you can see, we have been coming up with more varied content to suit your different taste :D And if you like Giveaways, join them so we know!

*Updates on the winner*

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Try and Review: Activa

So it has been like forever since I got any sample from Try and Review. Dono why maybe cos I got no luck. But finally I got to review something cos there are much more testers available. And it is something that I don't mind trying too! Presenting Activa - herbal sleep inducers.

And I am pretty darn glad they are herbal cos after those slimming pill scares, I am quite worried of my liver succumbing to bad pills. :D And these pills work 70% of the time for me (except for the time I had tea before bedtime.)

So here's a breakdown of what's inside the pill :D
  • Matricaria Chamomilla - Natural sedative
  • Lime Tree - Faciliates sleep
  • Lemon Balm - Supports digestion
  • Verbena - Reduces nervousness
  • Hawthorn - Acts on stress and anxiety
  • Eschscholzia - Helps fall alseep

I actually took quite a lot of photos on my Instastory so too bad if you missed it. But you can always follow me here. Psst. There may be giveaways coming!

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Cone Island: Singapore best thick Milkshake

Considering how hot the weather has been lately, I thought it was my duty to share with you readers some cool treats. Presenting mini ice-cream cones, where sinful treats are made mini :D

As some of you may know, I am trying to be on a diet (because I feel fat la) So such treats are great for skip day. You get to indulge in such much-needed sweetness without gaining too much calories. (It is not an overly sweet ice-cream!) And best of all you get to try 3 flavours at one shot.

Each cone is only 4 cm high, cute or what! And for $3.30, you get to taste 3 flavours. There are a total of 12 flavours. To taste half the flavours at one shot, you can top up a dollar, and double the scoop on your cone. Personally I felt the double cones super value for money and satisfying.

Also, like most ice-cream stores, there are also toppings that come with it. (I think they made my mini cones way cuter.) My personal favourites are the rainbow sprinkles (#rainbowlover) and mini marshmallows!

Here are the 12 flavours available at Cone Island. I am going to rank my top 6 in descending order so that you can also order the same (if you limit yourself to either 3 or 6). By the way, I have tried all 12 just to do this for you :P
  1. Tutti Fruitty Pop - It taste like Paddlepop. And it is probably the best flavor and would be even better as a milkshake!
  2. Strawberry Dream - I am not much of a strawberry lover but because the milkshare was rather fantastic. I pushed its ranking up. :P
  3. Durian Bomb - I don't think any durian lover should miss this. Cos the taste is rich and enough to satisfy any craving with just one mini cone *winks* By the way, this is my Dad's favourite.
  4. Catch-a-Matcha - My bro's favourite. He is quite a lover of green tea stuff. For a non-Japanese ice-cream, this is quite awesome.
  5. Terrific Taro - Like durian, I think yams are quite acquired taste. If you don't like durians, you may want to try the yam. This is my Mum's favourite and we all agreed this would really taste good as a milkshake too. 
  6. Blueberry Ripple - It is a bit lighter than the rest. But if you like a flavour with a gentle yum, this is probably for you. :D

Considering I kept going on and on about milkshakes, I am sure by now you know that Cone Island serve milkshake too. Psst. even though there are only a few falvors available in the menu, you can actually request for the other flavours. And yes you hear it from me here first-hand! (Perk of being a reader!)

I only tried 3 flavours cos diabetes was hailing out at me but I can assure you that this is one of the best thick milkshakes I have! Among the 3, I love my strawberry milkshake best. Cookie and sCream was just too normal for me. Blueberry Ripple is quite the bomb too if you are looking for something lighter!

To make you day sweeter, check out the deals! And in the future to add more instagram goodness,Cone Island will be introducing mini doughnuts. And yes, I will be there to share with you guys first hand!

Apart from having a stall at the basement of Hillion Mall (near NTUC), they also provide the mini cone for parties which I think will be perfect for companies and little kids' birthday bashes. While I was there, I also noticed that the cones were very popular among families. Guess everyone is happy when everyone has one. Guess this is true meaning of sharing :D Enjoy ~!~

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

A Smarter Home: 6 reasons why I need Steigen

Recently, I have been writing a lot on must-haves for your house/room/dorm that can either beautify your room or help you with your chores. I have another "lobang" to share today. If you are looking forward to having a "smart home", this is probably one of things you should have! Wish this was invented earlier, when I was having my exchange. It would have made my life a whole lot easier.

Presenting to you Steigen, the automated indoor laundry system. In short, this system can help to quicken the drying process and lift the poles with a quick press of the button. It is particularly relevant to the elderly, big families and people who cannot lift heavy loads temporarily (after an operation or during pregnancy).

To make this post less heavy and technical, I thought I would approach this in a more light-hearted manner while embedding the facts in the subsequent content. :D

6 reasons why I need Steigen

1. It uses less energy than my fridge!

Quite honestly, I have been looking at my fridge differently ever since, bearing slight grudges for the amount of energy it consumes. LOL! But Singaporeans being Singaporean, we are always kiam siap, and when I was looking at the functions, I was also wondering about the potential big hole in my pocket.

Now that I know hey it actually doesn't consume that much energy, Steigen is actually a pretty darn good alternative for a dryer, fan and wardrobe combined. Hehe. And this brings me to my next point.

2. It is multi-functional.

I can already see at least 4 uses for this already!

A. The fan - It isn't that strong in the models available. But if the newer versions become stronger, you can double this up as a fan and save some money on having a fan in your "yard".

B. The dryer - As mentioned earlier, this uses even less energy than a dryer! Kaching Kaching! If the intensity is high enough, I see a potential tanning machine! Wahaha!

C. The light - Here's another cost saving cos you don't have to install a separate light and you can do your laundry at night (This is a function available in all the models!)

D. Expendable - Basically, you can hang a full machine load using hangers. But if you are washing bedsheets etc., or have an extra heavy load, the expendable function is pretty useful. :D But when I see this, or I see was an expendable wardrobe!

D again. The Expendable Wardrobe - If you don't have a lot of clothes, this should just double up as your main wardrobe. You can just keep all your clothes up! Or if you have too much clothes like me, this is going to be your secondary wardrobe! Hehe.

3. There is not 1, not 2, not 3, but 4 models to choose from.

I really the fact there are choices. Basically, the models look pretty similar. (All of them are equally sleek!) Depending on what you need for your household, you can pick and select the models that is the most suited for you! If you don't have a lot of laundry, some of you may not need the heater function. Some of us may feel that we only need a fan, while other families may need 2.

If you are looking for something basic, flexi would actually work well. The whole drying process is identical to our current traditional bamboo method, minus the lifting. :D

4.  I am quite sick of bamboo poles falling on my head. 

Yes, I am a full grown adult but still on days that I am clumsy or feeling tired, I will still drop the bamboo. If I am unlucky, it falls right on my head. (Maybe this is why my memory is so darn poor..hmmm..) The safety feature of Steigen is really worth highlighting. It automatically stops when it feels an opposing force acting against it (could be your head or anything that is in its descending path.)

Especially if you have young children, this may be particularly useful. There is no longer any safety reasons to stop them from doing the laundry for you. FYI, I didn't press stop in the video. It stopped automatically! And then I reeled it back up!)

5. It is actually kinda of fun.

Kinda of fun is probably an understatement, it is super duper fun. Check out the cool-ass looking remote! You know how housework are always termed as chores. I am not sure with Steigen, will laundry ever be a chore again. For all we know, kids will be fighting to do them! And check out how user-friendly the buttons are. I didn't even read the instruction guide and I am maneuvering the system up and down like a pro. (P.S. Press for Fun has double meaning. Let me know if you got it! Haha!)

6. I appreciate clean laundry.

I didn't know before this but the musty smell from clothes actually came from leftover moisture in the clothes. I always thought our detergent sucks. :(  For fellow germophobe out there, there is also the disinfection function to keep us save from the micro dangers.  And no more inconsiderate neighbours' drippy problems!

Lastly if you are a person who is into smart homes, Steigen is really a product to consider. It is not completely doing the laundry but hey we are one step closer to being lucky. Or if you have elderly or a weaker family member at home, this is a pretty nice installation at home.

To find about about Steigen, you can visit their website at or visit their Facebook page . To find the retailers, just click on any Steigen in this post. Last but not least, just for you only, quote “STEIGEN50” at checkout or through SMS/Call/Whatsapp to 8818 6588 or email to to enjoy a $50 discount. :D