Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Az-Ziyaat Perfumes: Alcohol-free Fragrances

Okay Muslimahs, just in case you think I have forgotten about you ladies and the previous post I did was on-off. Nope, I am still trying to find content for you girls and continue talking about cultural-neutrality. Just that, it is really very rare to find collaborators.

Today, we will be sharing with you readers something very interesting - fragrances which are alcohol free. As many of you may know, alcohol are the usual bases of perfume. And they are the reason for the refreshing feeling after a spray.

So far my experiences with using perfumes without alcohol is that the scent actually last longer. One thing that I like is that they are sold in smaller quantity, so it is not as expensive for you to own many bottles and have variety. For this posts, all the fragrances are from Az-Ziyaat Perfumes. I have tried 6 of their ladies' collection and thought I would rank and share a little more about each for the benefit of you readers.

1. Lilies - Personally, this is my favourite because I love my scents fresh and flowery.

Top: Neroli
Heart:Rose& Gold
Base: Sandalwood

2. Pink Feminine - If you like fruity perfumes, you may like this. Personally I prefer this sweet scent over the citrusy scents
Top: Peach
Heart: Violet Leaf
Base: Cardamom & Vanilla

3. Cinta - This is the more citrusy version which I ranked 3rd :D

Top: Apricot
Heart: Rose
Base: Virginia Cedar

4. DLCS - This is a very calming and soothing scent if you are feeling kinda of soft and light.

Top: Magnolia
Heart: Violet & Apple
Base: Sandalwood

5. Infused - I don't really this because I find the citrusy scent too strong and overpowering.

Top: Blood Orange
Heart: African Orange Flower
Base: Patchouli

6. Secret Glaze - I am not sure why but this was definitely not for me. Gah, in fact I found the scent rather pungent LOL. Guess that's why they say you can find a mate through the sense of smell. Different people really like different scents.

Top: Pear
Heart: Chamomile & Violet
Base: Aloe vera

For you readers out there who may be holding events or throwing a wedding soon (congrats), you may want to consider these tiny little babies from Az-Ziyaat Perfume as your wedding flavours. They are so cute and your guests can try out the different flavours. If you are planning to get one for yourself, consider the bigger bottles as they will be more value for money and it is unlikely you will like all 6.

And such perfumes are definitely cultural-neutral. Although we do associate them more with the Muslims, it doesn't mean that non-muslims can't use them. In fact, it is just about finding the right scent. And psssttt...Az-Ziyaat Perfume provides delivery too :D

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