Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Food Tour Part 6: What's for Supper

Hehe, just clearing some supper-worthy photos. Here are some of the sinful food I really love and I thought I would just share it with you :D

Qualifier: I don't really eat after 10pm so this is already considered my supper food already. All these chain outlets close pretty early though. Oops Haha.

1. LiHo Bubble Tea
Okay, I think this is pretty contentious because there are some really heartcore Gong Cha fans out there. And you know what, I like Gong Cha too. But LiHo is not over-priced nor is it not worth the hype. I tried the cheese foam and I super love it. It is so damn awesome.

The plastic packaging is of better quality and it comes with a cute heart. I am sure whether all this is necessary but I am still okay with paying the price if I am craving for some salty cream foam. Gong Cha lovers, come hate me now.

2. Jalan Kayu Prata Cafe
Not sure when it started, probably since I became stressed. LOL. My favourite food now has become Tissue Prata with Iced Teh Bing. And I don't even like the normal prata. Only love the thin tissue prata (which is more expensive too T.T)

I think all pratas are equally good. LOL! But I usually alternate between 2 cos they are nearer to my house. But I will recommend this one in this post cos it closes earlier haha and fit the theme as the others. LOL! It is a chain outlet cos they have quite a few around Singapore. 

3. Crave Nasi Lemak
There are a few which many people say are good. But I kinda of like this one even though it is quite expensive. My Mum always say Nasi Lemak shouldn't cost more than $2.50 max., given the cheap ingredients it use. But yea this is almost 1.5x that cost price! o.O But I like the generous servings and it taste really good. *Thumbs Up* (If it doesn't look as good in the photos, it is my fault!)

I am not sure whether it constitutes as a supper food since most people eat that as breakfast right? But I don't LOL! One thing for sure, it sure is sinful. So that's the end of my junk food post. Haha. I really should be watching health. Can't wait to get better and write even more content heavy post! 

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