Sunday, August 6, 2017

Cone Island: Singapore best thick Milkshake

Considering how hot the weather has been lately, I thought it was my duty to share with you readers some cool treats. Presenting mini ice-cream cones, where sinful treats are made mini :D

As some of you may know, I am trying to be on a diet (because I feel fat la) So such treats are great for skip day. You get to indulge in such much-needed sweetness without gaining too much calories. (It is not an overly sweet ice-cream!) And best of all you get to try 3 flavours at one shot.

Each cone is only 4 cm high, cute or what! And for $3.30, you get to taste 3 flavours. There are a total of 12 flavours. To taste half the flavours at one shot, you can top up a dollar, and double the scoop on your cone. Personally I felt the double cones super value for money and satisfying.

Also, like most ice-cream stores, there are also toppings that come with it. (I think they made my mini cones way cuter.) My personal favourites are the rainbow sprinkles (#rainbowlover) and mini marshmallows!

Here are the 12 flavours available at Cone Island. I am going to rank my top 6 in descending order so that you can also order the same (if you limit yourself to either 3 or 6). By the way, I have tried all 12 just to do this for you :P
  1. Tutti Fruitty Pop - It taste like Paddlepop. And it is probably the best flavor and would be even better as a milkshake!
  2. Strawberry Dream - I am not much of a strawberry lover but because the milkshare was rather fantastic. I pushed its ranking up. :P
  3. Durian Bomb - I don't think any durian lover should miss this. Cos the taste is rich and enough to satisfy any craving with just one mini cone *winks* By the way, this is my Dad's favourite.
  4. Catch-a-Matcha - My bro's favourite. He is quite a lover of green tea stuff. For a non-Japanese ice-cream, this is quite awesome.
  5. Terrific Taro - Like durian, I think yams are quite acquired taste. If you don't like durians, you may want to try the yam. This is my Mum's favourite and we all agreed this would really taste good as a milkshake too. 
  6. Blueberry Ripple - It is a bit lighter than the rest. But if you like a flavour with a gentle yum, this is probably for you. :D

Considering I kept going on and on about milkshakes, I am sure by now you know that Cone Island serve milkshake too. Psst. even though there are only a few falvors available in the menu, you can actually request for the other flavours. And yes you hear it from me here first-hand! (Perk of being a reader!)

I only tried 3 flavours cos diabetes was hailing out at me but I can assure you that this is one of the best thick milkshakes I have! Among the 3, I love my strawberry milkshake best. Cookie and sCream was just too normal for me. Blueberry Ripple is quite the bomb too if you are looking for something lighter!

To make you day sweeter, check out the deals! And in the future to add more instagram goodness,Cone Island will be introducing mini doughnuts. And yes, I will be there to share with you guys first hand!

Apart from having a stall at the basement of Hillion Mall (near NTUC), they also provide the mini cone for parties which I think will be perfect for companies and little kids' birthday bashes. While I was there, I also noticed that the cones were very popular among families. Guess everyone is happy when everyone has one. Guess this is true meaning of sharing :D Enjoy ~!~

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