Saturday, August 19, 2017

Sail with Me

Sorry for the lack of the usual content. School's started and I am still fumbling over some adult problems. :( Kinda, of sucks when you are in a middle of no where. I will be sharing with you my "Indonesia Ambassador photos" soon :D

Since I am still busy sorting out my travel photos so I thought I will share some photos of sailing instead. Yea, I am a sail girl. Woohoo! But cos I injured my calf overseas, I guess this is the end of my sailing journey for a while.

Starting off with videos first, in fact I have tons of them. But it is going to be too "heavy too load" if I upload them all up in this post. So I am going to just share the most "exciting" moments. Personally, I love sailing. I think I am just a sea-baby. (This doesn't mean I am a good seaman in any sense.)

I think when you are out at sea. There is a sense of freedom (in my terms, lost of all control and you temporarily leave your fate to some higher powers!) I like having full control of my life. But after sailing, I just learn to let loose and go with the flow literally.

I think initially the most fearful part was being dunked underwater , getting hit by the poles or smashing into the rocks (All happened to me! :( when I was onboard) But now, I am like okay just react to them. In fact, I think my brain has now been trained to be able to think in "crisis mode".

Life's so called madness is now a breeze LOL! Perhaps you need to have your life flashing in front of you a few times before you appreciate the mundane stress-filled days in your life. LOL! And here's a cool fact, I am sailing with my brother. But I am hoping that my new partner will be my BF. (Cos I really want to show him what I see out there instead of describing it. Some things can't really be felt through words. Romantic huh <3)

And here's some of my little sailing pics (cos I never bring my GoPro out to sea. I am going to do a separate post on the items you should invest in a GoPro and where to get them in one of my subsequent posts soon. 

And the picture of my scar, yea it is in the shape of an apple (love mark from the BF). Initially, it looked pretty cute and cool until it blistered up and turned dark. Had to see the doctor who charged me for bandaging but instead applied disinfectant only. Feeling very sian cos this may leave a permanent scar (disfigured) and I didn't buy travel insurance woa. (Hope it doesn't get infected. Pray for me kay!)

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