Saturday, September 30, 2017

Home Massage with Season's Love

After I have got burnt, I couldn't really try out a lot of products. Now that it got better, I tried out the Season's Love Lemon Elixir Gel with Massage Roller. I really like the massage a lot so I thought I might be sharing with you guys a little on it (now that I have been using it for about 3 weeks but not very consistently...ooops) Hahah

This products promises certain effects, but for me the more visible part was the firming up and the promotion of skin elasticity. And I think it was because it dredge meridians, promote blood circulation and relive muscular fatigue from the massages. Personally, I was the most excited about the elimination of stubborn fats. (But the effect didn't seem that obvious on me...)

As mentioned the massage is really good and comfortable. According to the manual, you are supposed to do 1 minute to see the effect. (But I do it only when I am free and watching some days a lot some days very little!) Initially, the massage hurt on my thighs (cos I have my lymphatic blockage). But after that it got better, so I am guessing the blockage is no longer there! (By the way, it is not supposed to hurt if you are healthy!)

One thing I noticed about this product was it had a seal. So you could actually twist to close it. And use the roller top as a massage only (Yea!) The gel contains Vitamin C to brighten the skin and also coffee beans, Coenzyme and Vitamin BT which help to decompose the fat cells.

Here's the before and after photos of my thunder thighs. I will still continue to update on this post on the effect. But meanwhile if you are intending to get one for yourself already, I got mine from Redefinesg. The have other slimming products and feminine products as well. :D

So tag this page on your reading list if you are keen to see more updates!

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

New phone accessories with Fluf.fy

All the way fresh from Thailand!!! You know how much I love Thai stuff, in fact sometimes I wish there was a "taobao" for Thai-produced goods. They are equally good, cute and affordable. And their designer good (if you have deeper pockets) are one of a kind!

All the items you see today are from Fluf.fy. But their items are no where fluffy haha, but really adorable! As you can see, I got mainly handphone accessories and so really nice stickers! And a nice message (which is too sweet and private to share!)

I thought I would like to highlight to you this interesting wire accessory cos it is really novel and not available anywhere in Singapore. It is absolutely frivolous but it is so cute. I tested with the rainbow cone. (Ok without the cone it does look like a rainbow poop, which explains why people ask me eh why are you putting a rainbow poop on your iphone charger!) Hahah.

The instructions doesn't exactly make much sense to me. So let me tell you how I do it. First you need to slit the hole to be slightly bigger on the top. For the cone, I use it as a cover and protector instead. It is made of stretchy plastic so it can get a tiny bit dirty. But just wipe it and it will be just fine!

Generally, the products from Fluf.fy are all very pastel and the designs are generally more kawaii. If you are crazy about dip-dye (pastel ones), their wire organisers have a series of any different colours combination fathomable. The buckle was a bit tough, but given how much I love the design, I have absolutely no complaints.

If you are already getting something, you might want to get their water-proof stickers too! I like stickering and beautifying my art work and gifts, so usually I have a stash of stickers on my work desk. Psst...if you want you phone to match your notebooks etc, these stickers are a must have!

For anyone of you who needs a new iPhone cover, tada check out these cute designs. And yes, all of them have a stickers version if you seriously just can't make up your mind which one you want. The back is made of hard plastic while the sides are made of the softer plastics so it is quite flexible and won't be prone to breaking if you like to flick your cover in and out (I do that quite often to clean my phone!)

Since the other giveaway is closed, we decided to have another one, this time we will be giving away some of the items you see below. Depending on the response we may give all 3 or just one! Comment below if you want them! Giveaway close on 24 October! You can just get a free wire accessory to try it out on your own. (2nd in Singapore after me to own it HAHAHA!)

Sunday, September 24, 2017

DIY Fanboard

It has been a long while since we show off any DIY stuff, so we thought why not right! Courtesy of kgoodsonline today we will be learning how to make your own fan board. Cheap and easy!

Some of you may think that fan boards are only for sending off/ seeing idols at airports or for waving during concerts. Do you know you can actually do that for your friends and loved ones too?

I have embedded a "fast-forwarded" video which you all can use it to make your own. On top of that I have a pictorial form step-by-step guide (slightly more steps) to help you folks out there :D (Just in case it is too fast, or you actually need more information!)

I have added in some of my personal tips if it helps. If you are really bad in art and craft and is still struggling after all the tips, you can always contact kgoodsonline and they will be more than happy to help you make one! :D

Step 1: Prepare the materials - Coloured Paper (x2) , Reflective Paper (x1), Tracing Paper (x1), Scissors (x1), Glue (x1), Pencil (x1)

Step 2: Trace out wordings you want (Please note you may need to do some measurements to make sure the size of your letterings are aligned!) - You may use a stencil if you are really bad at drawing like me or print out a font using the computer (Cheap stencil tips)!

Step 3: Cut out the Stencils

Step 4: Trace them on the base layer and cut them!

Step 5: Cut out the base layer

Step 6: Trace the outline (smaller version) on the reflective layer - You can either trim it or if you are really bad at it. You can draw a smaller version or just print out a smaller size stencil from the computer

Step 7 - Compare the sizes first before pasting them together.

Step 8 - Glue the final product together.

I hope you have fun trying out this art piece on your own!

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Perfect Gifts for Cat Lovers

Following the review on Spruce, many of you were asking about the cute cat earrings, so I decided to designate one whole post for it. And a lot more other "cat-designed products" for all you meow lovers out there.

All the products you see today are from Suddenly Cat. This website has so, so much cat-designed products. From apparels to accessories to plushies and even household items, OMFG!!! (And I got even 2 freebies a washi tape (not cat though hehe...) and a set of classy cat earrings!)

Welcoming me to my room daily, I have my Tuxedo Cat Floor Mat! Okay, it make pretty good mat for the toilet because it has the grip at the bottom. (Yea, if you are observant, I have been using the mat as a backdrop in some of my reviews!)

The mat is soft and furry on top, so it feels like you are really a petting a cat. For any of you like me who has a family member that is allergic to pets, this is a pretty good substitute. And you know why having a nice door mat matters, it keeps you in pleasant mood every morning before you step out the house!

And if you want your life to be cat-vaded (invaded), check out this cutie I found! Yea, even your toilet should have some cat to spruce up the place while you are staying hygienic. This toiletry holder is really handy but be careful not to use it and hang too much stuff on it.

In its gigantic tummy, I stuff some of my facial products in it. My towel is currently hung on its tail (not my hair bun anymore). But when wet, it is kinda of heavy, so maybe I shouldn't do that lest its wriggly tail breaks! Psss... the stuff really go out of stock fast. So buy them fast if you don't want to miss them!

A lot of you guys already I love my unicorns and rainbows, let me let you into another secret. I am secretly in love with Pusheen too. I think I just like things with a round tummy (cos it look like me?!?) Hehehe.

And guess what at Suddenly Cat, there are Pusheen Plush available too! And there's quite a few variety. I snag myself one and look how well it is blending in with my cushions and other plushie. Guess that's why I have good rest every night! Hope you like my good share! Give me a meow if you want more cat-related content!

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Try Mexican: Senor Taco

I thought I should write a bit about Mexican food today because do you know how good their cuisine are? During one of the last few weekend, we drop by Senor Taco for a meal and had a belly good time.

They do have a band on Saturdays too, but oh well, we don't really like staying out too late (beauty rest precedes!) And so we missed that! But you on the other hand should really stay for that.

As we dropped by before the drinking crowd, there were still seats inside the restaurant. Personally, I love the whole ambience of Senor Taco. I have never been to any Latin countries so I don't really know how it is supposed to feel like. But I l just like the chillax the interiors. While we were there, I observed friends gathering and even families too (But no alcohol for the little ones!)

The menu serve a decent variety. So you don't have to be here for a drink only. You can even grab dinner or lunch! The price is comparatively decent because the portion is huge. It is really a place for you to mingle and share!

From left to right:

Tacos: We had the fish and chicken ones. I personally preferred the fish. Initially, I thought it looked small, but OMG it is pretty filling. It does make a good meal for lunch.

Prawn Cerviche: I have never tried cerviche before but mmm it is good. To me, it feels like the salad of the meal. It is citrusy and quite refreshing. My father loved it! But I suspect this might be an acquired taste. Do try it while you are there!

Sizzling Fajitas: This is a chef recommendation on the menu, but...not for me. I found it a little too salty and oily. Compared to the other main which I am going to rave on later, this just pales too much of a comparison.

Tada, my favourite - Carnitas. It is so good I think I literally fell in love eating it. The pork belly was so tender. Yums. So basically, you just wrap the meat fillings into the wrap. (Almost like our Chinese popiah!) And some tip here: SPAM the sauce, it is heavenly when you do that.

If you are coming in a big group, you probably will order more mains to share. And guess what, you can basically wrap anything! I was a little creative, I tried with steak mixing with cerviche and sometimes even guacamole! Yeap, so much varaition with one dish. Don't leave Senor Taco without trying this! You will regret!

And here's some of the dip sauces which the Mexican are famous for, but apart from the Habanero, the rest were "no-kick" for me. Haha. Guacamole is just basically avocado paste, so you can pretty much spam it into every food you are having if you love avocado.

If you like a smoky charred taste, try Chipotle. For something more intense (almost like wasabi, I even teared having it), go for Habanero! The thing is you don't have to pick one, just dip in all 3 if you can't make up your mind. These sauces are magical whether alone or together *Winks*

And alcoholics, I didn't forget you. I actually strongly recommend the Mojito and Magarita! Usually, I always have Mojito cos I like the minty taste. My bro recommended magarita and it is now one of my favorite. Sorry Sangria fans, I like them the least. Oops.

And for drinking snacks, I would recommend the chips. Well that's what they are famous for right. Personally I prefer mine to go with with guacamole or nachos but you know what, I am sure salsa taste good too!

And after a fulfilling meal, you can always have a stroll down the Singapore River to walk away those calories. HAHAHA!

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

10 Tips on Great Wedding Photos

This is all what you guys have been waiting for, at least what I have been waiting to show you guys at least. :D Presenting my wedding model photos and my 10 tips on how to take great wedding photos.

1. Research on the poses. I thought since we are a couple why do we need to look and learn. Can just be natural right? Nope. Normal couples don glue to each other like that. Unless you are a couple that is super into PDA, I doubt such poses are a natural instinct for you. You will just be wondering where to place your hand etc.

2. Research on the locations. I was lazy and didn't really do that. But thank god, the photographer did his homework. Not every wall and every scenery work well. Some places are too much distracting background and some walls are so intricate yet you miss them. Ours was at the CBD area, feel free to steal some tips.

3. Go for easy poses. Personally, I think the walking one is the easiest of the lot. Just walk here, walk there. The poses of our photos are considered easy already. So do try them out if you are at a loss of what to do!

4. Stick together. That's the trick we learn from the photographer if you want a photo that shows intimacy, you need to be very very close together in terms of proximity. So close, I could even count the number of pores on his face, and so could he.

5. Review the photos as you take them. I think this is quite important because you can see for yourself the awkwardness you don't like and work from them. I see it as a fast way to self-improve to keep getting better. Just wished the BF had half my desire in self-betterment.

6. Don't be too sad. Initially, I was pretty bumped when I realise most of the photos may not look good based on the review. Don't be. Because the truth is the photographer is going to take a lot of photos and only sieve out the best. And we just need a few good ones. I assure you our photos were terrible. But look at how the good ones turn out. So just keep smiling:)

7. Bring your MUA wherever you go. During a photo-shoot, do remember to ask the MUA to tag along if you want to look perfect at all times because the make-up will crack under the humid weather. In fact, halfway, my hair started following too. So you really need that somebody to babysit you and fix your hair and make-up.

8. Try out different looks before selecting on one. I skipped this step. So the MUA decided on a thick make-up look for me. But, now that I look back, I should have made the choices myself. Because though I look great, I might have preferred looking all natural. Hehe.

9. Dress comfortably. I was kinda of proud of myself that I picked something short instead of a frock with a long trail so I didn't have to worry about tripping. But I kinda regret picking such tall heels. Lol! I lumbered around and had to walk slowly and cautiously.

10. Match your accessories properly. Oops, in the end, I went for a plain look cos I forgot to put them on. But heng, my hair had enough accessories to distract. Tips of the day, less haste. And if you want to be even more prepared on your big day, you can always work with amateur photographers and practice till you become perfect. :D

** This is collaboration post between amateur photographer - Kaiming Photography and budding MUA - Kaiming Photography. If you like my gown, check out other locally designed dresses at Silverlining Bridal Couture. (The owner is a really nice sweet man by the way and dish out great advice! :D)

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Embrace your Couple Bracelets

Hey couples, I haven't forgot about you guys ok! I have with me really awesome couple bracelets that will make you squeal with delight. Personally, I always think men don't really accessorise much and are very selective. So, I found luxury beaded bracelets from Embrace that are versatile and easy to pair. Hopefully they will appeal the fashionable men you have at home!

Unlike other beaded bracelets, each purchase from Embrace came with a velvety blue box. (Mine was a pair so both came together in a box.) During ordering, you would have to select the design and state your wrist size. If you like to wear them loose, do remember to give +1cm allowance. The bracelets are elastic so there is room for some stretch if your wrist grows bigger.

My ladies design was crafted based on the men's - Tibetan Blue Sodalite. It is a bit plainer as compared to the other read-made design. Personally, I would prefer mine to be a bit more intricate but oh well, in relationship there will always be some sacrifices. Can't possibly have your pie and eat it too.

If you are curious on how we can pair it with our outfits, please refer to the previous post I made. You will also know how I got this gorgeous Sakura Plate. And the greatest benefits of couple bracelets, you can take fancier "Follow Me" photos :D

The Tibetan Beads and End Links embossed with the Embrace logo are all the way from Indonesia and of very good quality. Each bead is very smooth and cooling on the skin. For some of you who may be interested, Blue Sodalite Stones are known to have healing properties on glands, digestive system, calcium deficiency, insomnia and head colds. The benefits of having such stones near you helps to cultivate:-

Logical Thinking
Stress reduction
Boost self-esteem
Aids working in groups
Heal communication breeches
It is believed that different stones are infused with different positive energies in their creation process. And if you have these stones close to oneself, the positive energies from the stones bring about a positive mindset which translates to a happy life. Because Embrace hopes all our readers to  have a chance to own their very own positivity bracelets and lead a "happy life", a discount code has been provided.

Quote "FORFUNK10" (caps sensitive) and you will get a 10% discount storewide. This is not to be used with other promotions. And to end off here's a fun fact about the logo. It encompasses the letters 'E' and 'B' from word ‘EmBrace’. At the same time, it also resembles the Chinese character ‘串’ (pronounce: chuan) which means "stringing together", which is exactly how each bracelet is made. Interesting right?

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Acne 101: Hiruscar Anti Acne Range

I thought I would share with you a little on some new skincare products I am trying. Within 2 days, these products from Hiruscar promises to let you see acne improvement. In the Hiruscar Anti Acne Range, there are 3 products namely the cleanser, serum & spot gel.

And my 2 favourites are the cleanser and spot gel. After using the products for 2 days, I do see lightening of the angry red bumps and lessening of the pimples on the forehead. Overall, my skin feel more refreshed and less oily!

Hiruscar Anti Acne Pore Purifying Cleanser
This is the first step of the whole process. You simply have to massage the gel on the face and rinse thoroughly! The gel is a transparent liquid and quite watery. It smells really light and when you wash your face with it, I felt it was very gentle to the skin. After using it, I felt refreshed and my skin was less oily. But at the same time, it didn't feel like all the oil was stripped off it.

Salicylic Acid - Sloughs away dead skin cells
Aloe Vera - Soothe redness
MPS (Mucopolysaccharide polysulphate) - Maintains skin moisture
Moringa Seed Extract - Removes impurities & protects skin from pollutants
Sebum Controller -  A complex of amino acid, vitamims

Hiruscar Anti Acne Pore Purifying Serum
The next step is to tone and moisturise. Personally, I like this product the last among the 3 simply because it has this strong herbal smell. But, for a lazy person, I like that the toning and moisturising steps are combined. (So basically, you only have 2 steps twice a day!)  And I also do appreciate that the moisturiser did not cause any further break outs. Cos usually that happens to me!

Salicylic Acid - Sloughs away dead skin cells
Aloe Vera - Soothe redness
MPS (Mucopolysaccharide polysulphate) - Maintains skin moisture
Chamomile Extract - Soothe and condition irritated skin
Artichoke Extract - Prevents dryness and enhances skin’s moisture
Allium Cepa Antiseptic extract - Prevents scar proliferation
Larycil Mushroom extract - Astringent, pore tightening and moisturizing effects

Hiruscar Anti Acne Spot Gel
This is an optional step and would depends whether you have pimples. I had one really big one on my cheek so I decided to try it out since I have heard a lot of good things about it in the market. Basically, this is an transparent gel that you apply on affected areas.  The redness as promised lightened within 2 days. The bump grew smaller but did not completely disappear yet.

Salicylic Acid - Sloughs away dead skin cells
Aloe Vera - Soothe redness
MPS (Mucopolysaccharide polysulphate) - Maintains skin moisture
Vitamin C - Lighten dark marks
Chamomile Extract - Soothe and condition irritated skin
Artichoke Extract - Prevents dryness and enhances skin’s moisture
Allium Cepa Antiseptic extract - Prevents scar proliferation
Larycil Mushroom extract - Astringent, pore tightening and moisturizing effects

I guess my forehead had the most obvious improvements. For you readers who have acne, you may want to try out the Hiruscar Anti-Acne range. These skincare products are dermatological skincare formulated specially for acne prone skin. As they are lightweight and gentle, the products can be quickly absorbed into the skin without drying them out. And if you wear makeup, it can be conveniently used under makeup!

As skincare effectiveness varies depending on individual skin type, I would suggest you to redeem a free spot gel sample at Sample Store first.  For the other products, there are no free samples avaialble at Sample Store, so you may need to make your purchase at Watsons or Guardian stores if you are keen to try them out. Let me know if they work for you!

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Spruce it up!

It has been a long while since I did any OOTD post, so I thought it was high time we did one and start the month right. LOL! Just a slight caution, I have "matured and blossomed" into a young lady so my style has changed a little. Please don't be too shock! Haha.

I saw the Ombre Cami Top at Spruce (sorry it is no longer in stock now. Guess good things don't last!) and fell in love at first sight. By the way, can someone teach me how to wear crops, LOL! I always look kinda of tubby in them but I have so much crop tops at home! Help!

It is no longer a secret but I am an unicorn who is in love with anything rainbow and pastel. I have been looking for some dip-dye clothes to add into my collection for the longest time. But just couldn't find something that struck me immediately. So it's true, if you find hard enough, love will come!

Personally, I think ombre and crop can never be anything formal. So I dressed it up with a cute Hanging Black Cat Ear Stud and a Minimalist Blue Sodalite. Short are from Cotton On and I paired them up with my old Gucci shades. I think is simple and we are good to go for an excursion! What do you think?

So lately, I am also loving long, flowy dresses. Maybe it is because it covers my thick legs and my scar etc. or maybe I just want to appear more feminine. Or it is just cos I look too darn good in them la. Presenting my latest collection - V-Neck Robe Dress also from Spruce. :}

And it is blue like the last one too! I keep getting the same type of "feel" clothes" of different design. And one more reason why maxis are great, you always look classy and can attend formal, big events in this without much effort. Just a cat stud earring with the Minimalist Blue Sodalite, we are ready to attend a wedding.

Here's an ending collage of me looking like a plate model. Presenting the last item from Spruce. No more clothes for now, but it is the gorgeous Sakura Plate (hmm, guess the theme seems to be feminine. LOL!) If you ask me, I think their table collections make great accessories holders and candle holders too. :D

Pretty right, you will be definitely be seeing more of this in my other posts when I take photos. It makes a darn good prop don you think. And if you think my candles look awesome, they are made through marbling. Let me know if you want to know how to make them too. And I may share my secret. :P Till then, happy September!