Wednesday, September 13, 2017

10 Tips on Great Wedding Photos

This is all what you guys have been waiting for, at least what I have been waiting to show you guys at least. :D Presenting my wedding model photos and my 10 tips on how to take great wedding photos.

1. Research on the poses. I thought since we are a couple why do we need to look and learn. Can just be natural right? Nope. Normal couples don glue to each other like that. Unless you are a couple that is super into PDA, I doubt such poses are a natural instinct for you. You will just be wondering where to place your hand etc.

2. Research on the locations. I was lazy and didn't really do that. But thank god, the photographer did his homework. Not every wall and every scenery work well. Some places are too much distracting background and some walls are so intricate yet you miss them. Ours was at the CBD area, feel free to steal some tips.

3. Go for easy poses. Personally, I think the walking one is the easiest of the lot. Just walk here, walk there. The poses of our photos are considered easy already. So do try them out if you are at a loss of what to do!

4. Stick together. That's the trick we learn from the photographer if you want a photo that shows intimacy, you need to be very very close together in terms of proximity. So close, I could even count the number of pores on his face, and so could he.

5. Review the photos as you take them. I think this is quite important because you can see for yourself the awkwardness you don't like and work from them. I see it as a fast way to self-improve to keep getting better. Just wished the BF had half my desire in self-betterment.

6. Don't be too sad. Initially, I was pretty bumped when I realise most of the photos may not look good based on the review. Don't be. Because the truth is the photographer is going to take a lot of photos and only sieve out the best. And we just need a few good ones. I assure you our photos were terrible. But look at how the good ones turn out. So just keep smiling:)

7. Bring your MUA wherever you go. During a photo-shoot, do remember to ask the MUA to tag along if you want to look perfect at all times because the make-up will crack under the humid weather. In fact, halfway, my hair started following too. So you really need that somebody to babysit you and fix your hair and make-up.

8. Try out different looks before selecting on one. I skipped this step. So the MUA decided on a thick make-up look for me. But, now that I look back, I should have made the choices myself. Because though I look great, I might have preferred looking all natural. Hehe.

9. Dress comfortably. I was kinda of proud of myself that I picked something short instead of a frock with a long trail so I didn't have to worry about tripping. But I kinda regret picking such tall heels. Lol! I lumbered around and had to walk slowly and cautiously.

10. Match your accessories properly. Oops, in the end, I went for a plain look cos I forgot to put them on. But heng, my hair had enough accessories to distract. Tips of the day, less haste. And if you want to be even more prepared on your big day, you can always work with amateur photographers and practice till you become perfect. :D

** This is collaboration post between amateur photographer - Kaiming Photography and budding MUA - Kaiming Photography. If you like my gown, check out other locally designed dresses at Silverlining Bridal Couture. (The owner is a really nice sweet man by the way and dish out great advice! :D)

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