Tuesday, September 26, 2017

New phone accessories with Fluf.fy

All the way fresh from Thailand!!! You know how much I love Thai stuff, in fact sometimes I wish there was a "taobao" for Thai-produced goods. They are equally good, cute and affordable. And their designer good (if you have deeper pockets) are one of a kind!

All the items you see today are from Fluf.fy. But their items are no where fluffy haha, but really adorable! As you can see, I got mainly handphone accessories and so really nice stickers! And a nice message (which is too sweet and private to share!)

I thought I would like to highlight to you this interesting wire accessory cos it is really novel and not available anywhere in Singapore. It is absolutely frivolous but it is so cute. I tested with the rainbow cone. (Ok without the cone it does look like a rainbow poop, which explains why people ask me eh why are you putting a rainbow poop on your iphone charger!) Hahah.

The instructions doesn't exactly make much sense to me. So let me tell you how I do it. First you need to slit the hole to be slightly bigger on the top. For the cone, I use it as a cover and protector instead. It is made of stretchy plastic so it can get a tiny bit dirty. But just wipe it and it will be just fine!

Generally, the products from Fluf.fy are all very pastel and the designs are generally more kawaii. If you are crazy about dip-dye (pastel ones), their wire organisers have a series of any different colours combination fathomable. The buckle was a bit tough, but given how much I love the design, I have absolutely no complaints.

If you are already getting something, you might want to get their water-proof stickers too! I like stickering and beautifying my art work and gifts, so usually I have a stash of stickers on my work desk. Psst...if you want you phone to match your notebooks etc, these stickers are a must have!

For anyone of you who needs a new iPhone cover, tada check out these cute designs. And yes, all of them have a stickers version if you seriously just can't make up your mind which one you want. The back is made of hard plastic while the sides are made of the softer plastics so it is quite flexible and won't be prone to breaking if you like to flick your cover in and out (I do that quite often to clean my phone!)

Since the other giveaway is closed, we decided to have another one, this time we will be giving away some of the items you see below. Depending on the response we may give all 3 or just one! Comment below if you want them! Giveaway close on 24 October! You can just get a free wire accessory to try it out on your own. (2nd in Singapore after me to own it HAHAHA!)

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