Saturday, September 30, 2017

Home Massage with Season's Love

After I have got burnt, I couldn't really try out a lot of products. Now that it got better, I tried out the Season's Love Lemon Elixir Gel with Massage Roller. I really like the massage a lot so I thought I might be sharing with you guys a little on it (now that I have been using it for about 3 weeks but not very consistently...ooops) Hahah

This products promises certain effects, but for me the more visible part was the firming up and the promotion of skin elasticity. And I think it was because it dredge meridians, promote blood circulation and relive muscular fatigue from the massages. Personally, I was the most excited about the elimination of stubborn fats. (But the effect didn't seem that obvious on me...)

As mentioned the massage is really good and comfortable. According to the manual, you are supposed to do 1 minute to see the effect. (But I do it only when I am free and watching some days a lot some days very little!) Initially, the massage hurt on my thighs (cos I have my lymphatic blockage). But after that it got better, so I am guessing the blockage is no longer there! (By the way, it is not supposed to hurt if you are healthy!)

One thing I noticed about this product was it had a seal. So you could actually twist to close it. And use the roller top as a massage only (Yea!) The gel contains Vitamin C to brighten the skin and also coffee beans, Coenzyme and Vitamin BT which help to decompose the fat cells.

Here's the before and after photos of my thunder thighs. I will still continue to update on this post on the effect. But meanwhile if you are intending to get one for yourself already, I got mine from Redefinesg. The have other slimming products and feminine products as well. :D

So tag this page on your reading list if you are keen to see more updates!

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