Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Perfect Gifts for Cat Lovers

Following the review on Spruce, many of you were asking about the cute cat earrings, so I decided to designate one whole post for it. And a lot more other "cat-designed products" for all you meow lovers out there.

All the products you see today are from Suddenly Cat. This website has so, so much cat-designed products. From apparels to accessories to plushies and even household items, OMFG!!! (And I got even 2 freebies a washi tape (not cat though hehe...) and a set of classy cat earrings!)

Welcoming me to my room daily, I have my Tuxedo Cat Floor Mat! Okay, it make pretty good mat for the toilet because it has the grip at the bottom. (Yea, if you are observant, I have been using the mat as a backdrop in some of my reviews!)

The mat is soft and furry on top, so it feels like you are really a petting a cat. For any of you like me who has a family member that is allergic to pets, this is a pretty good substitute. And you know why having a nice door mat matters, it keeps you in pleasant mood every morning before you step out the house!

And if you want your life to be cat-vaded (invaded), check out this cutie I found! Yea, even your toilet should have some cat to spruce up the place while you are staying hygienic. This toiletry holder is really handy but be careful not to use it and hang too much stuff on it.

In its gigantic tummy, I stuff some of my facial products in it. My towel is currently hung on its tail (not my hair bun anymore). But when wet, it is kinda of heavy, so maybe I shouldn't do that lest its wriggly tail breaks! Psss... the stuff really go out of stock fast. So buy them fast if you don't want to miss them!

A lot of you guys already I love my unicorns and rainbows, let me let you into another secret. I am secretly in love with Pusheen too. I think I just like things with a round tummy (cos it look like me?!?) Hehehe.

And guess what at Suddenly Cat, there are Pusheen Plush available too! And there's quite a few variety. I snag myself one and look how well it is blending in with my cushions and other plushie. Guess that's why I have good rest every night! Hope you like my good share! Give me a meow if you want more cat-related content!

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