Sunday, October 22, 2017

Healthy Scalp with 99 Percent Hair Studio

For quite a while I have been tolerating an itchy scalp. It was so bad till I just kept scratching it till my scalp would hurt when I bathed. Initially, I thought it was just the weather. But Google was one cruel search engine and made me kinda it was lice! T.T

So when I had a hair appointment with 99 Percent Hair Studio, I thought it would be a good idea to treat my scalp first (God knows what was wrong with it.) and in the the meanwhile share with you guys more about scalp hair care.

Some of you may think that if you have scalp issues, the only places you can go are Yun Nam, Beijing 101 etc. who hardsell you and insist you are balding. But there are actually options of hair salons (not all though) who also provide treatment for your scalp if you want to save yourself from the earbleed. (>.<)

99 Percent Hair Studio has a few outlets but I went to the one at Orchard Central. (Will write on the other outlets next time) The salon was very spacious and bright. Suzanna was my stylist and she was so patient and nice, explaining me to me each and every step. (By the way, I would really recommend her if you are visiting 99 Percent Hair Studio.)

There are 2 treatments available: Precise Care Treatment ($ 89) and Exclusive Care Treatment ($ 169). To help you make your choice, usually we will start off with the Exclusive Hair Treatment for 2-3 times (depending on severity) to make sure the scalp is clean before we can move on to precise care treatment for maintenance. For me, I also started off with the Exclusive Hair Treatment. 

The first thing we had to do before we start the treatment proper was to scan my scalp so that I can understand my scalp condition better. Thankfully for me, I didn't have lice! Neither did I have senstive scalp (Your scalp will be red if so) It was just an issue of an oily scalp. Will show you guys the disturbing pictures later :P

The first step was a minty, refreshing scrub to remove the cuticle. And it smells so good too. What surprised me was that the particles were finer than my face scrub. The scrub was massaged into my head and left to set for 5 minutes so that it will soften the stubborn cuticle.

After that, my hair was shampooed twice. Once with normal shampoo to remove any debris and the second time with a scalp care shampoo. Look at all the cuticles from my hair. Gross! Glad to have them removed for good! My scalp now finally feels it has been deep cleansed. :P

The second step was a scalp treatment to strengthen my scalp. It was massaged into my hair and left to set for 15 minutes. Unlike other salons, there was no use of steamer to enhance the absorption and reduce hair damage. It was rinsed out with using cold water. (Yikes forgot to take photos of this...)

The last step was the ampoule to strengthen my mane and prevent hair loss.  It was a minty tonic which you had to leave on your head for 24 hours. When my hair was wet, serum was also applied to give my hair the shine and lustre. After my hair blow dried, primer was added to reduce the frizz.

We did a final scan and you can see that my hair follicles are no longer blocked with oil! The whole treatment lasted about 2 hours, so the biscuits served were real handy cos halfway I was starving. Haha.

For some of you who may be wondering the about the difference between Exclusive Care Treatment and Precise Care Treatment, basically the latter has one less step. For Precise Care Treatment, you will make a choice between Step 1 and Step 2 . All other steps remain intact. The recommended treatment frequency is monthly, but of course this would depends on your scalp condition. 

Suzanna was really nice and even gave me temporary curls for the day (which my friends told me was gorgeous!) So does it mean we should try out curls next?!? I felt so beautiful, I was stepping photos (yea in the collage) as I walking down the streets. #Bimbo #HealthyHairBeautyMane

Hahaha, and I am glad to report my scalp is no longer itchy! Yea, I am very relieved that the treatment worked and was not a mere temporary relief.  I am sure given the weather so of you may be facing the same itchy scalp issue as me. Hopefully this post helps and have given you more insights and options to what you can do to help yourself :D

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