Thursday, November 23, 2017

Delightful Desserts with Cake Avenue

Hi guys, if you are wondering how come the photos look really different for this post, it is because I lost all the photos I took on the event itself (T.T) I hope you guys have been following my instagram cos I did at least posted them up there.

But fortunately, I do remember the taste of each and everything. You may have heard of Cake Avenue for their designer cakes, but not be familiar with their dessert menu and their savory Christmas set. (includes free delivery)

I thought I should start off with the Christmas set first since X'mas is coming and you guys may be sourcing for vendors to buy your x'mas party goodies!

Set A (4-6pax) - $72.00
Braised Lamb Shank (2x 450g)
Assorted Canapés 16pc (Salmon, Tuna and Egg Mayo)
Roasted Vegetables
+ Complimentary Nacho chips and sauces (early bird freebie for bookings before 9 Dec)

Set B (4-6pax) - $67.00
Chicken Lasagna
Assorted Canapés 16pc (Smoked Salmon, Tuna and Egg
Roasted Vegetables
+ Complimentary Nacho chips and sauces (early bird freebie for bookings before 9 Dec)

The main difference between the 2 sets are the Chicken Lasagna (Ala-Carte Price: S$32) and Braised Lamb Shank(Ala-Carte Price: S$38). In fact, for my own party, I would have topped up with a separate Chicken Lasagna so that my guests can try both. But my mum made a pretty good point that Chicken Lasagna was more universal. :)

For an additional $100, you could add on a Reindeer cake (Ala-Carte Price: S$112.50), which is absolutely Instagram worthy! If you are on a tighter budged, you might want to get the Chocolate Fudge Yule Log ($45 for 1 Kg). My Mum absolutely loved its thick chocolate. If your guests is into tiny bite sampling, you can get them as Entremets at $5.90 each. Trust me, like everything tiny, they look incredibly adorable.

If your guests have a sweet tooth, there are additional desserts they may get. I think that the cakes are more impressive. But I would make special shout-outs to the jelly-cups and Macarons.

  • Jelly Cups (9pcs)- $45.00
  • Mini Brownies (12pcs)- $18.00
  • Mini Fruit Tarts (12pcs)- $18.00
  • Mini Chocolate Tarts (12pcs)- $18.00
  • Macarons (12pcs)- $24.00

If you missed their Christmas set, fret not cos they have a series of creations on their dessert menu that mimics main entries like burgers, fries, soup etc. Because they look so real, it actually got my brain a little confused. My tongue was expecting savoury but the food were sweet. Hahaha.

I tried everything on the dessert menu apart from the drinks. (Yes, I am probably diabetic cos of you guys T.T) They are very, very instagram worthy, cos they are realistically cute. If you come with a group of friend, you probably can give everything a try. Otherwise, you may follow my recommendations. :D

If you only have space for 2, try the Diner Sliders and Fries (S$15.90). I love it cos the beef patty is actually chocolate. One thing I note about Cake Avenue, their chocolate is super thick and yummy. For me, I like it without the sauce. But it is kinda of fun to squeeze them on.

The Nachos Dulces (S$12.90) are highly irresistible. I never knew they tasted so good with Chocolate. In fact, I think it might be even better than Cheese. It comes with ice-cream on top. But, I preferred it with a drizzle of chocolate a lot. mmm...yum...good orgasm. :P

If you prefer something warmer and pops in your mouth, I would suggest the Lava Pops (S$8.90). It is an interesting sweet potato taste (not sweet potato by the way), with cheesy vanilla filling. You would need to eat it when it is hot to enjoy its full flavour. The Great Con Dog (S$8.90) is a good dessert if you like custard and want some ice-cream to go along.

Just in case, you think I love everything on the menu, I actually don't. I had very high expectations on the Alphabet Soup (S$8.90). But it just didn't work for me. It was just too sweet. With a bit of modification, it may become a "hot favourite" (no pun intended.)

So I missed out the drinks totally, and it was sad cos I love unicorns T.T Guess that's a reason for me to go there again. Hahaha. The drinks are all at S$7.90 each. Pretty affordable huh. For a specialty cake shop, their savoury food was actually very good. I also noticed on the menu, they had normal mains such as salad, pasta etc.

I haven't try them yet, but do tell me if it is really good. Cake Avenue is a lot more convenient who live in the west. But fret not, cos they do provide deleiery service if you live in the east and need some party snacks and pastry! :D

Cake Avenue is located at
33 Lor Kilat #01-01/02
Kilat Centre Singapore 598132
(65) 6877 9008

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