Thursday, November 30, 2017

Homemade Luxury Spa with Tanamera

Apart from X'mas lunch photos, I realised I lost even more photos. One of them was my self-made spa T.T. (Hence, the photos that doesn't look like my photography!) Fortunately, I didn't lost the whole series but just a portion of it. And good news I have changed my phone so there won't be such hiccups moving forward :D

I was really excited to share this find with you because it is just too good to stay under-rated. Presenting to you, Tanamera, a Malaysian Brand. After my exams, I pampered myself using some DIY self-spa remedy from Tanamera. And I am very satisfied with the results!

This product is supposed to help to reduce cellulite and flabby skin. Personally, I don't really see much of the slimming effect. But this product worked really good as a scrub, my skin was deeply moisturised and silky smooth like a baby!

And I really enjoyed the fragrance of it (Generally, all the products from Tanamera had this therapeutic herb like smell that reminds you of a spa salon). And the best thing is that this smell actually lingers after you bathe. It is super luxurious for the price!

I will be reviewing 3 products from Tanamera and guess what the soap was my favourite. Firstly, it is really affordable. (We all know how long a soap can last!) Plus, it had this rough bits that acted as a good scrub. The product also foamed very well and I love the scent. (It smelt so good that I caught my Mum using it! Could totally smell it!)

Not only that, it act as a pretty good toilet freshener because its scent can fill the entire bathroom! The only grouse I have with soaps is that they sometime let me feel it is quite unhygienic cos they can be quite hard to store. What I did to overcome this was to put it in a spare container! :D Try it too, if you have the same problems as me!

Compared to the scrubs I am used to, I feel that the rice powder was a lot finer and in greater concentration. I could feel work being done as I am scrubbing my face. The fine texture gave me the impression it was less damagig to my skin and could even scrub within the pores. Each sachet has quite a generous portion so I actually use it 3 times before emptying it fully. Hehe! For better effects, use it with a face mask after!

As you can see, all their products are priced very affordably for their quality. Why didn't I know of this earlier! T.T I could have saved myself a bomb and enjoyed a pampering spa in the comfort of my home. And I could have shared with you guys earlier.
If you have any questions, feel free to drop me an email or let me know whether I should do a Couple Spa Products Review next! Hehe! I wish you a spa-ly good time. After exams are soo good, what am I going to do when school starts!!!

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