Saturday, November 11, 2017

Hotel Jen: Meet Jeno and Jena

I am sure some of you have already heard of this Hotel - Hotel Jen Tanglin. Personally, I love their interior deco, cos it has this modern retro feel that really appeals to me. This is not the first time I am there. In fact, we didn't went there to survey for our wedding. Tang Tang Tang...but we are not revealing the location now. Naughty. Hahaha.

Much as I wished I was here for a staycation (Not lucky,fast and catching enough to be picked to answer the Q&A T.T), I was here for their X'mas Feast and the launch of something very, very savvy. <3

I am going to start off with the food first, because their seafood buffet is quite highly raved in the social media. What I sampled that day was not the seafood buffet, but one thing I am quite certain is the hype was not just because of great marketing effort but because of the good quality.

I had at least 2 servings for the food and even more for some because it was so good. The meat selection was really yummy and it literally melts in your mouth. Special mention to the osmanthus jelly dessert. (It was that good I had 4.) For the mains, I loved the prawn and lagasane. Mmm. And guess what's Jeno and Jena.

Alright, alright, I shall not keep you guys in suspense. The real reason why we are there today is to welcome the new colleagues of Hotel Jen - Relay Robots Jeno and Jena. Yes, please scream in excitement. We are really going to witness IA integration this lifetime.

Jeno is the male robot. He is located at Hotel Jen - Orchard and you can identify him in his turquoise suit. In terms of functionality, there is really not much difference between him and Jena.

Jena is the female robot and is dressed in pink. If you are into a robot romantic tale, she is also the wife of Jena. Like a Romeo and Juliet, they are separated. She works in Hotel Jen - Tanglin.

So in a sense, it is quite good for the guests because you will get to meet them whichever hotel you go to. If they are not busy serving you, you can see them lepaking in the hotel lobby, ready to welcome you.

Please don't tell them I told you this, but if you really want to meet them, you can keep requesting for amenities or call for food delivery. Yes, they can deliver you food. Although they can't really talk, your doorbell will ring when they arrive. And then you can have them all for yourself to take photos!

So if you want to experience this guest enhancement and have that close-up contact with robot "butlers", it is not too late to book yourself a stay. :D Otherwise, you could always camp and enjoy their buffet (which is beside the lobby), you will be sure to catch sight of these cuties!

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