Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Food Tour Part 8: Atas but so damn Good

Had been eating quite a lot of good food given that my birthday, anniversary and BF's credit card free meal are all jumbled into one whole quarter. It is kinda of jamming my phone. Oops no more space to snap new photos. So let's share more food yea!

This was where we went for my Birthday meal, so you can imagine how good it must probably be for him to bring me proudly there. And yeap, it was so good I licked those plates clean. And yet the BF was like "crap he ordered the wrong dish" I will probably be bringing my family there the next time round so that we can share more and try more food.

We had the Traditional Stuffed Roman Schiacciata, but oops we stuffed with the wrong filling. The best we heard was the chessy mushroom. But even the "wrong one" tasted heavenly. The Baked Pork Belly was also sinfully good. And the fennel stuffing, whatever that was, was truly yummy! Psst, it taste even better with Mustard.

We also had the Garganelli with Lamb Ragout, which was very hearty and savory. But it does get a bit Gao Wei (sickening) when you have too much of it. Order this to share and savour it on your own.

As you may know at Hill V2 Mall, there are many other ice-cream parlour, so after this there is a selection of dessert to melt your heart. I settled for Cold Stone Creamery that day. Cos it is my day, I got to pick the flavour too! :D

 This second place was a place I nearly swallow the deco which looked like chilli flakes. Stupid to the max. Guess place was too atas for kampung girl like me. Restaurant Labyrinth has been 1 Michelin Star by the 2017 Michelin Guide in Singapore. And the BF has been raving how lucky I was to get to try this place, thanks to his credit card.

Having said that, I concluded this place is not cheap. Haha. But it is good for special occassion. The food is highly instagram-worthy and delicious too. And we saw a lot of "big, rich shots" while we were there. Guess we know where to mingle and snag a rich hubby. Muhaha.

Just in case you were wondering, I took a lot of photos and "failed" boomerang for my Instastory. Check some of them out. Me trying to do a yolk poke boomerang which ended up looking all wobbly. By the way, what I had was absolutely delicious.

Dessert of the day! The presentation was frigging awesome. And the egg is runny with the mango stick rice feeling. Till now I am mindblown at how that happened. ?!? Yea, and I failed to make it crack open. T.T

Because the BF dish had a little fly, we had 3 servings of it. And after 3 times, I still didn't get the perfect Boomerang. Stupid or what. And all the BF got additional for his bug was an extra cup of coffee :(

Snacks (Rojak Puffs, Charred Radish Cake, Nasi Lemak Chwee Kueh) - The Nasi Lemak Chwee Kueh was the most interesting. It was like a whole nasi lemak packed into a kueh, the size of my thumb and pointing finger.

Starter (Hokkaido Scallop - Bak Chor Mee) - It looks like a real Bak Chor Mee but made of seafood. It looked so real so you can imagine how much effort the chef put in to design the food. <3

Mains (Indonesian Pork Belly or Tiger Prawn) - Usually I don't take prawn but the prawn was so fresh. If you prefer something creamier, I would suggest the Tiger Prawn. Both were good but I prefered the Tiger Prawn more. :D

Dessert (Mango Sticky Rice and Petit Four) - Ok, I love the mango sticky rice especially after you spam the sesame sauce (dark soy sauce) and sesame seeds (pepper). It insanely resembled an egg. The macaroons were okay but given that the dessert was so good, I guess it paled a little in comparison. Oops.

Check out the fake chilli deco I nearly swallowed. Guess, I couldn't be faulted cos it looked so incredibly real. I should have taken a sniff first. One sniff I would have known they were just scented petals T.T Don't make the same mistake as me when you are there, ok!

We went for this for our anniversary. Birds of a Feather had great, posh ambience. The food was good too. But it was just way too noisy for my liking (considering I just touched down earlier and was in not that great mood.)

We had the Organic Ma Po Tofu Burger, Hong Shao Short Ribs and Crispy Trotters in a Bag (by now it is kinda of obvious, all the unhealthy piggy food I like hehe) The price was kinda of on the high side so we didn't have much to share. Good for special occasion but too much for a normal day. To end off, here's what I wore that day. :D Me looking left and right for new content HAHAHA.

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