Saturday, October 28, 2017

Food Tour Part 7: Best Food around West Coast

Cos I am having some problems focusing for the exams, I thought I would do some quick easy food posts. (I do eat even though I am quite stressed up studying! Maybe I end up eating more. Oops) Haha.

And guess my sponsors also need some assurance that this blog is still up and running and that their posts will definitely be up once my exams are over... Whee~~~ Will be showing some good food around West Coast this time!

I have been living here half my life and I never knew about this place until my BF told me about this. Unfortunately, it is under renovation now. And this is so terrbile because I have been craving for the Claypot Mee Tai Bak every rainy day ever since.

Some of the food I have tried so far were the Salted Egg Pork Ribs and the Spinach with Trio Eggs. That day I was there, I saw many people having the Oyster Omelette. Should have stuff myself full. Now I am just regretting. When they reopen, do try them out. The price is reasonable and the food is good.

This Mee Pok always have a darn long queue during lunch so please go there early. It doesn't really taste like the normal Mee Pok we are used to (Made by Japanese by the way). I find the vinegar taste stronger than the normal Mee Pok. My family always support this store because they are generous with the ingredients. :D

I have pretty much tried everything on the menu (yea, I am a huge fan.) and most of them are really good. If you want the other normal mee pok, the shifu's store is the best ever. It is just near-by too at Blk 501 West Coast Drive! (Guess all the best Mee Pok is at West Coast hahaha)

I guess by now you are know I love my pratas. So when this Prata shop newly open, I immediately made my way there to try it out. Haha. And mind you, this cafe is usually very crowded (especially in the evenings!) The price is kinda of expensive but I like the variety. (I have yet to finish everything on the menu yet!)

I mostly tabao away. But when I do sit in, I really like the ambience. It is kinda of noisy (Kopi-diam with aircon feel haha). And plus point, the owners are very nice and always attention to detail. Do try them out! (But if you see me in the queue, let me go first, after all I recommend you one OK!)

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