Thursday, December 21, 2017

Best Thai Tom Yum: Blue Jasmine

I am sure by now all of you know how much I love my Thai food. I am quite excited to introduce this place to you because the Thai food is really yummy and halal too! It is now one of my to-place now with my Muslim friends when we need a girl's day out!

Blue Jasmine is located at Farrer Park Hotel (Convenient for a staycation hehe!) It is located on 5th pool and overlooks the pool. Although it is slightly pricier than the other Thai restaurants I have been to, it has the best atmosphere and the serving portions are generous!

If you only have tummy space for very selective items, these are the 2 must try(s) are the Larb Salmon (Left) -S$18 and Prawn Tom Yum (Right) - S$20 and their desserts. The Larb Salmon is one of the most interesting dish I have had to date and you probably can't find it anywhere else. It is a starter dish. The recommended way of consumption is to place the salmon roe on the rice crackers. But it taste good even on its own. :D

The other dish that I would highly recommend is the Prawn Tom Yum. Although Tom Yum is pretty much a staple at most Thai restaurants, this one tasted exceptionally good. It was aromatic and you could taste the freshness of the ingredients. It is easily the best I have had to date. Please don't miss these 2 dishes!

Apart from the 2 dishes that were mind-blowing, the rest of the item we tried on the menu was delightful as well. And you can even order blue rice to go with too! (Plus points for that!)
  1. Dancing Crispy Sea Bass (Top left) - S$28: This dish had fantastic presentation and it tasted good too. But perhaps it is a Chinese thing, but we always equate fresh fish to steamed fish. So this was marked down simply because it was fried. Otherwise it would been a must try recommendation!
  2. Mocktails - Blue Jasmine and Tropical Paradise (Top right) - S$10: Appearance wise, Blue Jasmine (a gradient of blue) was definitely way more pleasing in terms of each colour shades and all. But I felt Tropical Paradise tasted better and was a better drink to go with the dishes. 
  3. Glass Noodles (Bottom left) - S$16: This actually tasted like super good Hokkien Prawn Noodle! Would recommend this if you are going for a local flavour. 
  4. Larb Chicken Balls (Bottom Right) - S$12: Among the dishes, this was most disappointing not because it is not nice, but it was just too normal compared to the rest. And especially when you have other yummy stuff on the menu and limited tummy space, you probably would want to sit out on this. 

And nobody should miss out on their desserts. It is fun (by that I mean insta-worthy), beautiful and taste super good! I love Red Ruby (S$12) and I also love the modern twist they did on it. It is so unexpected that Red Ruby can even taste better than Mango Sticky Rice (S$14). 

One thing I really love about Blue Jasmine was their generous serving of coconut milk. And that's really the whole highlight if you are a coconut lover, because it gives all these desserts the oomph and woomph and leave your day sweet and satisfying. Ending with a Boomerang we made. :D And seeya all soon at Blue Jasmine.

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