Tuesday, December 26, 2017

A cushy good year ahead

Most of us use the new year to reflect on our life. I usually do it during the Christmas season cos it is already downtime, so why not use it for something productive right? Some of us may be transiting into a new life - moving into a dorm, your own home or even starting work etc.

One thing that I think every one needs is a comfort pillow or cushion. So I found some new, cute cushion covers from a carousell shop which I have been holding on for a while. There are so many designs available and they are very affordable! :D

My personal favourite are the Superhero themed and motivational quotes. If you are looking for something for your house, they also have more serious looking designs that would fit in. For any of you who are fans of Harry Potter, Game of Throne etc., they have a series of covers for you to choose from.

The covers that I choose are have some texture. I won't think it is good to use them for sleeping cushions, but they make good back-rest, sofa cushions and even on its own a good side-table runner (just something I thought of cos they look rather instagrammable.)

If you have a cushion already, all you have to do is to measure to make sure they can fit snuggly into the covers. Psss, all covers don't come with the cushions. For cheap cushions, you can get the Ullkaktus from Ikea and they would fit snuggly into your covers.

For me, I am currently using my cushions as a room deco. But closer to CNY, I will be shifting them to the living room for our guests to gush over them. <3 Since it is the festive period, I want to take this opportunity to wish you guys a "cushy life" ahead. Hehe. Cheers~!~

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