Sunday, December 17, 2017

Fashion Hack: DIY Patches

This post is out to all simpletons (LOL!) - Meaning: People who love basics and are clueless how to make their simple wardrobe more trendy, readers out there. Not that I am 100% trendy, but this is a good hack if you want to give your plain clothes a bit of a pop.

Presenting DIY patches. It used to be pretty in 10-20 years back, I remembered my bag used to have a lot of iron-on patches and my Mum also upcycled quite a lot of clothes out of them. We used to have this bag of patches. But god knows where we put them now!

Some of you with eagle-sharp eyes and elephant-like memory might have remembered seeing the patches in these reviews - click here and here. I have to say patches do make very good flat-lay deco.

I got 2 packets of quirky patches from Tall, Short, Medium and a plain canvas pouch to DIY. The kid I was then would have told you more is more and stuck all the patches on one item (LOL!) I now think, it probably looks better if you have 1-2 patches on each item if you wanna look quirky chic.

I played Mum a little and upcycled my demin jacket. The great thing is that unlike, the past where they are ironed-on and they become permanent, you can actually stick them on to pins instead, you can swap it when you are board of them, creating a new style every time!

Each packet at Tall, Short, Medium come with 2-3 patches with glue and pins. The patches are also packed into themes. So if you are bad at matching stuff, fret not, as some pre-matching has been done!

Here's a video on how you can make your Patch Pins. I have tried it myself and it wasn't too hard. To me, I would think the hardest is when you iron-on at the wrong position of your item. This method has already saved me a good deal of stress.

Apart from bags, clothes, you can even iron these patches on socks and shoes. (P.s. I still think ironing work better for them cos there is more foot action and ironing is still the more secure method!) So simpletons, match it up and let me know if they work for you! :D

Apart from patches,Tall, Short, Medium also holds socks, stationary and even bags. So, I also got myself the Voyage Messenger Bag. I was attracted to it because the shape was a long rectangle which I thought would make a good gym bag. I tried using it as a day-to-day bag but it didn't work that well because it is very spacious making it quite difficult to find your things.

But it does make a very good bag for a day of activities. It is big enough to put your bath stuff and also change of clothes. Its colour also makes it easy to pair with anything and it "resilient to dirt". I used it for OBS. And sling it, hold it, you can slay it. My zip holder broke that day but I still love this bag - replaced it with a black hardy army rope which matches well!

Now that X'mas is around the corner, you may want to consider their exclusive Surprise Gift Box. If you like the element of surprise, the gift boxes are at quite a good discounted price. It is like getting a few freebies thrown in. hoHoHO!

So let me know if you like this fashion hack I shared. I call them cheaper DIY version of pins and brooches. :P

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