Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Free Drinks at Mr. Coconut

Remember in my last post, I claimed that coconuts were the next hype that were taking over the world. I am pretty sure that my prophecy is coming true cos check this out, they are now bubble tea alternatives. And I am sure liking them as thirst quenchers because they are a lot healthier.

So some fast facts about Mr. Coconut, it is made up of all-natural coconut water. The young coconuts are imported freshly from Thailand, thus the juice are guaranteed to be sweet and the flesh soft. You have the options to up the sugar level for some of the drinks. But why do it when coconuts come with natural sweetness :D

And just in case you think they can't be insta-worthy, check out the Bubble Dragonfruit Coconut! I love the colour swirls. Pretty. Just in case you are wondering, what is my favourite drink at Mr. Coconut, it is the Coconut Oreo Shake. (I never knew the 2 of them were such great combination!)

To be fair, I have quite a number of favourites, and it also depends on whether I want something thicker (with the coconut flesh blended) i.e. shakes or just a simple coconut juice. Psss, you can even add on the bubble tea toppings i.e. pearls, aloe vera (about 50 cents each) to make your drink even more satisfying.

Since I have started with the juices, let me go into the few I have tried. (I prefer shakes by the way!)

Coconut Starfruit Juice (Top left): We definitely do not Starfruit Bubble Tea in town. It is a combination of 2 refreshing fruits together without one overpowering the other.

Bubble Honeydew Coconut (Top right): It was great when I tried it, until I had the rest. I guess for me it is something impressive by itself but less so with the rest.

Bubble Dragonfruit Coconut (Bottom): This is undoubtedly my favourite among the drinks/ juices simply because it is pretty and you can taste 2 distinct flavours if you don't swirl it. I highly recommend this cos it comes with complimentary a fun experience. :P

As mentioned earlier, I actually prefer the shakes (wriggles in joy just thinking about it). So here's a fast overview from left to right:-

Coconut Shake: This is the crowd's favourite. And I think I can understand why. I like it cos you can taste every part of the coconut. Great for coconut lovers.

Coconut Avacado Shake: For you guys who want something that is creamier and thicker, go for this option instead.

Coconut Mango Shake: I like this the least. Cos I thought the mango taste was too mild. The owners explained that this was to have a balance so that the consumers can still taste the Coconuts. Guess that makes sense.

Price wise they are around the S$4 - S$5 range. Currently Mr. Coconut has 3 outlets, I can't wait for them to sprout all over Singapore. As an introduction to the newest coconut drinks, Mr Coconut will be giving out free drinks from the new menu on 9 December 2017, Saturday, at all three of its outlets in Singapore located at Far East Plaza, North Point, and V Hotel Lavender, from 12-2pm, 3-5pm and 6-8pm respectively.

Here's their address. Don't miss it!
1) Far East Plaza 14 Scotts Road #01-14C S(228213)
2) V Hotel Lavender 70 Jellicoe Road #01-15 S(208767)
3) Northpoint City 930 Yishun Avenue 2,#B1-42 S(769098)

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