Saturday, December 9, 2017

Starting Christmas at ParkRoyal@Kitchener Road

Christmas seems to be coming a little slower this year. Apart from me spending a lot more money (which is kinda of normal), there is barely any festive mood. So it was really cool, when we got to see the light-up of the Christmas Tree (made of up Recycled Bottles, cool right!) at the lobby of ParkRoyal@Kitchener Road.

It was so magical. And with the singing of some Christmas carols along with the their staff, you know what, I am pretty sure someone has sprinkled the the festive mood all over me! Hohoho.

There's no better way to stay merry with food and drinks. Usually, I am quite a herbivore, attacking the fruits and salad section. But during Christmas, the carving section excites me tremendously. And let me tell you a little secret, the meat I had at ParkRoyal@Kitchener Road is the best I had to date.

The side salad beside the Roasted Turkey was so good too! The portions were very generous such that you could try out with different sauces. I didn't have a second serving because I wanted to try everything there (which I didn't) cos the selection was quite plentiful!

And if you are hoping to get to taste our local delights, you are at the right place cos the Chilli Crab and buns were absolutely delish. I would have drank down the gravy as soup if it wasn't for the calories. *Sheepish Face*

I was pretty glad I positioned myself near the laksa booth too cos there was always a long queue. The laksa is a little bit different from the usual cos it doesn't have bean spouts. It was replaced with cucumber which gave it a more refreshing taste. It was unusual but interesting!

Saving the best section for the last - the desserts. I guess apart from the carving section, the Christmas desserts especially the logcakes are always highlights to look out for. Most of the time, I don't usually like everything on the Dessert Table. But this was quite an exception for me! I pretty much love everything.

The chocolate cakes were thick and flavorful. The other Christmas White Chocolate and
Lemon Curd Log Cake had a taste of zest which gave our palettes some variety. I had a slice of each and was happy to see there was nothing overly surfeiting. It was a good mix of sweetness. I will be reviewing their log cake separately so stay tune for that! :D

Overall, the Christmas menu at ParkRoyal@Kitchener Road is surprisingly satisfying. At first glance, it isn't the most fanciful layout, but food-wise there was nothing sub-par. Makes me wonder why their Christmas menu isn't raved in town. It is really one of the best I have had and their price is really affordable too! (It is less than S$50 if you are not having on the eve or the actual day itself! And there is even up to an additional 15% card discount!)

Ending the post wishing you readers an early Merry Christmas. :D I will try to bring the mood up by doing more giveaways the following year. What do you think? HOHOHO, guess the Christmas spirit is always infectious.

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