Thursday, December 14, 2017

Best Face Mask: I Love T.P.O

Now that my exams are over, I have been catching up with life. This means hanging out with friends, binging on dramas, readings my books (oops, I seem to be spending more time on social media), working on my blog (Yes, I have a lot of posts due) and planning for an impending wedding.

Basically, I just mean I have been busy. But now, I actually have some time to pamper myself. For now, my body care has been a routine. I can't say the same for my skin routine. However, I have been lucky and there hasn't been much of a break-out.

I have tried this collection already and it is so good. Firstly, I have to say the mask was very generous for the serum, so I used the rest all over my body. Secondly, the effect was visible. My skin felt more supple and I had a nice natural glow. And thirdly, the mask fit snuggly on my face. (It was so comfy I fell asleep!)

One slight disappointment I had (#FirstWorldProblem), I thought it would morph me to a cute Line Friend, which it obviously didn't. But you don't really put on a facemask to have a cute instagram photo right, hahah. Apart from this, this is possibly one of my favourite facemask to date!

I was really excited to try this cos I have tried Biore Nose Pack before (which is said to be pretty good) but it has barely any effect on me. (Either that my nose is too clean. Note: It did pull out a huge amount of gunk from the BF Nose.)

This didn't come with any instructions in English but it was quite intuitive except for the part on the number of minutes of each step. I pretty much went on the 8 minutes golden rule for each step. :D

Comparatively, it takes a bit more time than the Biore Nose Pack cos of the additional steps. The Nose patch for step 2 was definitely so adorable. And don't estimate it cos of its cutes exterior cos it took out a lot more gunk of bigger sized from my nose. (Frankly it did gross me out a little! How can something so cute pull out something so disgusting. >.<)

T.P.O is generally very generous with its serum. Step 3 does help to make the nose feel smoother. But when I look at my nose in the mirror, I feel that the pores did not grow smaller in their size. Frankly, I think I would use it again but definitely not when I am in a rush.

This is much cheaper than the line series, and good news I think it is as good as the Line Friends Mask. The mask is very thin too so it sticks to your face. Extremely comfortable! One thing I am very certain, this make very good gifts because of the message at the packaging. So if you are on a budget, you may want to consider this mask instead?

I am sure many of you are also excited to try. So guess what I will splitting this separate set to a few of you. (Wheee~!~) But I will only be doing the giveaway next month after I am done with all the masks so that the review will be complete. And also partially because there are so many giveaways going on.

From the looks of it, we may have 1 a month. :D If you can't wait for the giveaway, you may want to get them from Florray. That's where all my masks came from by the way. Apart from T.P.O., they hold other brands such as Bourjois, Pupa and Lapothicell! And it comes with free shipping for purchases above S$60!

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