Saturday, January 27, 2018

Brotzeit Karneval

Note: This post is written with contribution by my representatives.

Today, let's have some German cultural immersion. Hehe. I have never heard of this festival but maybe you have. Karneval is a traditional German festival that marks a time of eating, drinking and merriment and will be usually companied by a hug parade with elements of a circus, masquerade and social satire. (Sounds like a lot of great fun isn't it!)

Just in case you think this day is completely dreamt up so that we can eat good food and drink ourselves drunk, this festival daes back hundreds of years. (Guess the Germans really know how to have a good time!) Fortunately for us, Brotzeit is bringing flavours of the festival and Gemutlichkiet (a feeling of warmth, friendliness and good cheer) to the shores of Singapore.

I do hope you love your meats because the Zweierlei von Huhn (Duo of Chicken, S$40) is absolutely delicious. It comes with a combination of half an oven-roasted chicken and another half a golden fried chicken, so you don't have to worry if you can't make up your mind how you want your chicken. Cos you are going to have both!

Special mentions to the sides - fired fries and potato salad. Heard that they were frigging Shiok! Alternatively you can have the Yummylicious Trio (S$24)(not in photos). It is quite value for money because it comes with 2 glasses of draft beers or 2 bottles of Kolsch beer. The  Trio comes with a platter consisting of an oven-baked meatloaf, chicken schnitzel with rocket leaves and German meat patty with gherkin (cucumber) and lettuce.

If you are in for a selection for food, opt for the Deutsche Tapas instead (3 for S$15, 6 for S$28, 12 for S$45). You know what, come with a group of friends so that you can try all 12 bites! Some are more tasty than the rest, but we don't think any bite should be missed so that you enjoy the full flavour.

A full set of 12 would include: Bierbeisser (sausage), super food sala, spicy chicken sausages, currywrust, golden fried chicken, cheese spatzle, meatballs, seabass filet, fried mushrooms, meatloaf in mini kaiser roll, chicken schnitzel in mini kaiser roll and meat patty in mini kaiser roll! And what's a party without beer. You will be able to enjoy the Karneval-exclusive hoppy-tasting Graffel Kolsch (1 bottle at S$10, bucket of 5 at S$48 and 5L party at S$98)!

Game for a challenge? Don't miss the Half-Meter Sausage Challenge! If you and your friend (2 in a team) can wolf down this Deutsche Halbmeter Wrust (length of an adult forearm), featuring classic Nurnberger sausages, served with sauerkraut and potato salad in a baguette within 4 minutes, and you will enjoy this dish from the house as well as bragging rights!!

Sounds like a whole ball of fun isn't it! Do note that the Karneval menu is only available at Brotzeit from 17 Jan to 25 Feb. Feast, fun and party while it last, folks!

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Food Review: Myo Restobar

I guess you guys know by now, I may not exactly be a food connoisseur. But for Chinese and Thai cuisine, I do have some expectations because I do eat them a lot. So, I would have a fair sense of what's good and not. :P

A week back, I tried out Myo Restobar, which is operated by Kia Hiang Restaurant Group. Kia Hiang Restaurant is one the restaurants that I have been to that serves really homey food. If you are looking for a more polished place, you may want to visit Myo Restobar. It still serves the traditional Cantonese classics as well as innovative dim sum to match its contemporary, industrial design.

Unlike many of the food franchise owners, Mr Ng is very friendly and makes a lot of effort to engage us. He shows us the other design of his logo, shared with us his entrepreneur experience and how/why he came out with Myo Restobar.

He definitely made the meal more personal and memorable. Generally, I didn't find the food too over-priced for restaurant standards. Notwithstanding the fact, it comes with a view. Also, it is one of the few places which serve beer with dim sum. (Wedding banquet and reunion location much!)

If your family is small, these are the 4 items I would recommend to have:-
  1. Flakey Angus Beef Pastry (S$5.80): I would come here specially for this. It is so good I might even tabao this home weekly to "Jia Liao" (add on the dishes).
  2. Kia Hiang Claypot Spring Chicken ($18): This is their signature dish and I think I can understand why. The zap (gravy) is delish. I could drink it as soup. And the meat was very tender, it tore out literally. And tip from the owner on how to have it: Must eat it with the cabbage!
  3. Gold Foil Dumplings with Assorted Mushrooms (S$4.80 for 3): I think I am a fan of well marinated mushrooms, so this went well with me and I love the tiny piece of veg at the side. 
  4. Baked Hamachi Collar (S$18): To be quite honest, I am not much of a fish person. But I had a second helping for this, cos it was fried to perfection. The fish was crispy, without much bones. The side veg was also crunchy as well. Thumbs-up!

1. (Top Left) Braised Chicken Feet in abalone sauce (S$4.80): The sauce is really good but I understand some people doesn't really like chicken feet
2. (Top Middle) Gui Fei Beancurd with 3 treasures (S$14): Gui Fei Beancurd are highly recommended by the owners. We had it with seafood but you can have them with other condiments such as mushroom, minced meat etc.
3. (Top Right) Good Fortune Prawns in Wasabi Sauce (S$3 each): Anything with wasabi is good, but I found it a little too common.
4. (Bottom Left) Fish Maw, Crab Meat in Superior Broth (S$9): Had expectations for it. The ingredients are plentiful, maybe I was too full, I didn't feel the satisfaction from it.
5. (Bottom Middle) Angus Ribeye Cubes w/ Garlic & Broccoli (S$18): A lot of other people love it, but somehow I felt the garlic and broccoli stole the thunder so I rated it down. Haha. Nobody should be in the limelight other than beef.
6. (Bottom Right) Prawns in Butter & Salted Egg Yolk Sauce (S$3 each): I am a little off the egg yolk hype already but it is still a yummy dish.

Special mention to the Healthy Walnut Buns (S$4/ 3pcs). I didn't really like it, but there were people who are huge fans of it. The dessert we tried was the Young Coconut Stewed w/Peach Gum & Egg White (S$8). I thought it was quite normal but you may like it.

With that, we have come to the end of my food review. I have another food review coming out, so stay tune. And then, I will try to give you guys more beauty and fashion review. :P

Saturday, January 20, 2018

My Daily Skincare: Hits and Miss

If you are looking for Korean or Taiwanese products, you may want to check out My Daily Skincare. Some of the popular brands they hold include 23.5N, J.One, Kuan Yuan Lian, Loveisderma and My Scheming which you may not be able to find on normal pharmaceutical stores.

Like me, you probably heard of some brands (considering they are highly raved about) and may not be so familiar with the other brands. And I am happy to share that there are a few products that are definitely worth the hype or at least should be hyped about!

This is the product the Korean actress Ha Jiwon created. So definitely, there was some hype about this product. Initially, I was a bit miffed because the instruction was all in Korean. But okay, it was quite easy to use. You just had to massage it to your face before you sleep at night. And voila, witness the magic in the morning.

If you really like products like nice fragrance, you would love it. True to its name, it is in jelly form but it is not sticky at all. And, it did keep my face hydrated throughout the night. In fact, this is my favourite among the stack. I can hardly wait to try out the rest of the brand's product. Guess I am a fan now. <3

Most of you should be very familiar with My Scheming Masks by now. It is affordable and doesn't disappoint. So I was very curious about their Blackhead Removal Pack. Considering I reviewed the TPO 3 Step Nose Pack a month back, I had some sort of expectations.

Similarly, this come in a 3-steps process. As will soon see, I didn't try it on my nose, but  on my Mum's nose instead. Reason being, my nose is quite clear since the last time but my Mum's is filled with gunk. LOL!

Like all My Scheming products, this didn't disappoint. The amount of gunk it pulled out was satisfying. My mum's nose looked so clean after. I think by the 2nd use, her nose could be blackhead-less. In terms of steps, time-taken and maybe even effectiveness, it is no different from TPO 3 Step Nose Pack.

However, in terms of price-point it wins hand-down. First of all, you don't really use much of the products to pull out the gunk. I am guessing even if you use a generous amount every week, it can last up to 3 months. It is super value for money!

To be quite honest, I have never heard of the brand Kuan Yuan Lian. Personally, the brand is rather light on the whole and smells cucumberish. Hahaha. I am quite neutral towards it maybe because I like products which I can feel the effect fast. But this product seems more natural.

I didn't get any outbreaks, neither did it strip my skin off any moisture. Among the selection, this was quite average. Not that I won't use it again, just that it didn't leave me overwhelmed and impressed. Maybe it is because all cleansers are pretty much the same? I am suspecting their other skincare products may have more potential.

I didn't really like it as a toner. But I loved it as a face spray. Of course, sprays in my opinion are quite optional on a skincare regime. However, I especially love them after a warm day or vigorous activity. I think I just don't like sweat and warmth on my face.

So if I can't find a toilet to wash my face, I will use a face spray to cool it down at least. I think this is quite a cheap option. And it doesn't come with alcohol (i.e. no cooling feeling), but at the same time, you don't have to worry about moisture being striped off.

I have to say this was the most disappointing product I have tried in this selection. I had huge expectations for it, partially because of the great review I heard of this brand. When I opened the product and used it the intensive way, there was so much potential.

But it didn't live up to what it promised. Firstly, this product didn't come with any fragrance. I really didn't like the smell of it. Although it seemed like face was so well-hydrated with the product on. When I washed it off, the product along with the hydrated effect was washed on. In fact, I am so disappointed I don't even think I may be trying other products under this brand.

With that, we have come to the end of the review. Let me know if you would like me to try other products in some of the brands mentioned above or if you disagree with my review/ comments. (Note: I usually finish products before I move on to another review so you may need to wait a while before I try out new stuff. :)

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Start your year organised: We are the Walrus

I am a highly disorganized person, so I got you as well (naturally assume you are of the same category as me) swanky We are the Walrus note books (without lines). The design of the cover is simple yet chic and in no way embarrassing so you can bring them for your formal meetings.

Most importantly, it gives you "labels" to intrigue people to know you better. The notebooks come without lines. So it gives all you creative people ample space to jot/draw your thoughts.

So each book comes with each own original 10 signs and Prologue drawings. Some are definitely more interesting than the rest. My brother has opened his Dreamer notebook during X'mas. Just in case you wonder, he is truly one that is physically beside you, but god know where his soul is.

I super love the pictures in it, makes me wanna colour them during boring meetings/lectures if it were mine. Currently, the books are available in black, white and red. Psss, a mystery colour is coming out soon! Excited.
I saved "Traveler" for the BF not cos he is a traveler at heart because he is the complete opposite. Although he lives by the traveler motto - Money is not everything experience is, his wanderlust is highly deficient. I thought it might serve as a good present to remind yourself on the lacks in your life and improve on it.

In comparison, the design of the prologue of "Traveler"is a bit simpler. The design is the same at the back and front. Like less bang for your bucks hor. It is less complicated and artsy too.

Saving the best for last, I present to you "Me". This is for the giveaway and I love how bold and loud it is. Plus the prologue has a wicked sense of humour. It really makes you crack up doesn't it? I think this is perfect for the giveaway because we all need a good smile every now and then don't we?

And there is no better day to start a day - organised and cheery. Just in case you are wondering, if there are any walrus hidden anywhere...Nope it is just the company's name - We are the Walrus. Who ever knew they had such great sense of humour *inserts seal clapping image*

Saturday, January 13, 2018

2018: Tech Year Ahead

Hey guys, just a quick update on some of the gadgets in my life. First up, I changed my phone to a Samsung Galaxy S8. :D This means we will be getting sharper and better night shots photos and videos. Also, after much struggles, I manage to clear some of my memory space :)

The struggle from an iphone to a Samsung was really tough. The buttons and functions are so different. Honestly, I think I am still not fully utilising my phone. Guess my smartphone is a lot smarter than me.

So the BF got me a screen that was amazingly cheap and good(?). I haven't verify how good it is yet because I haven't exactly dropped my phone yet. But at least I could finally start using my phone so that was cool.

This is from Jker Tech at Lazada, but somehow I can't seem to find the right link. But it looks pretty legit coming with a wipe and all. The BF helped me stick it on my phone, But psss, he did such a bad job, I re-do it. Hahaha, so much for waiting for him.

If you know me personally, I would never touch my phone until I have my screen protectors and casing ready. The casing took a while to find the right design (Pss, I note that samsung have a lot less variations than Apple.) And a little longer for it to arrive. Yup, you got it. It is customised!

All the way from Thailand, check out Fabrica. If you are looking for something that is work appropriate yet has a tinge of creativity and chic in it, you may be able to find what you want here. Most of them are prints from artworks. I went for something too plain unfortunately. I think it would look a lot better for wilder designs.

As you can see, I have 3. Generally, I do like letting my phone change covers like how I change clothes. I may be giving away 1 cos samsung covers are hard to come by. So stay tune if you use the same phone as me.

I decided to use my Maths prints for now. Hehe. My current phone is so much bigger than my old phone which was palm sized. (It is a lot heavier that it fell on my face one day when I was using it T.T) So I found myself a phone ring. I always wonder what they were for. Guess now I know. (Update: The ring fell off. Am I using it wrong?!?)

2018 has propelled me into technology. I am also now a proud owner of a Fitbit Ionic. I am also the butt of jokes that the Fitbit is walking me like its dog. It urges me to take sufficient steps, have relaxation periods and trains me. I do sound like its pet puppy.

But it is kinda fun and I do feel that I am getting fitter. Last year, I aimed to be fitter, which went pretty well because I did have at least once a week work-out (1 hour) although it was 3 times in the earlier half of the year. Guess this year, it is more about sustaining and eating right. So wish me luck, ok guys. This is quite an exciting year for me. I have a lot of content in the pipeline so stay tune ok!

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Food Review: Iza Siglap

Lucky you if you are living in the East, cos we found a place serving affordable Japanese fusion food and has a bar to serve alcohol. Psss, even for students, the price is still within budget (suitable for special occasions to bring you date to!)

As you can see from the photos, it has a more chillax atmosphere. There is even an alfresco option - great for the chilly minus rainy weather now. Located in the Siglap neighbourhood, Iza bar is a new hang out for the locals.

Note: This post was written by my representatives. The overall feedback was that the food was very delicious and value-for-money, especially for the atmosphere. Their must-try(s) had similarities (from left to right):-

Otah Tamago (S$6.90) - This was very special (cannot be found elsewhere!) and the combination of the 2 was divine. The precious Otah is also imported from Muar. Not to be missed.

Four-Ton Chawanmushi (S$4.50) - It is named this way because you can find 4 different type of eggs in the Chawanmushi. The taste of each egg is distinct and not mashed up. Great for egg lovers.

Grilled Avacado (S$4.50) - With eggs and bacon, I think this just shouts out to millennials. It is a typical cafe food, but still too yummy to not give it a try.

Other favourites include:-
Top left: Hae Bee Hiam Spaghetti (S$11.90) - It was a fusion dish, incorporating local flavour into it. Not for the faint-hearted.

Top right: 3 pcs Oysters (live or Grilled) (S$12) - Go for this if you love your seafood. The oysters are really fresh and juicy so the live ones are a good bang for your bucks.

Bottom Left: Deep fried chicken soft-bone (S$6) - Highly recommended if you are here with children. It is made solely out of the cartilage so it is boneless.

Bottom right: Skewers (S$1.90 to S$3.50) - Personally, I love Jap skewers. The market rate are always so expensive everywhere. But these are good beer food. Don't go for these if your pocket is tight.

The menu at Iza bar is pretty extensive. Some other great sharing dishes to break the flavour. Nothing fancy still good to have at the table.

Top Middle: TSB Salad (S$5.50) - Most of us don't like our veg. But if it gets surfeiting, a refreshing salad is always good to break an overly meaty diet.

Top right: Stuffed Taupok Special (S$3/pc) - This is like the average girl among the beauties. Nothing wrong with it, just that is not outstanding enough to make it into the must-try list.

Bottom left: Grilled Pineapple (S$2) - A cheaper version of the salad. It is nothing fancy. But it is sweet and yummy. Great value for its price and for those that doesn't like the raw taste of the veg.

Bottom Middle: Coconut drink - For non-alcoholics, this is a good choice of beverage, grilled food tend to be a bit more on the heaty side. So coconut water can help to bring down the temp. (no pun intended)

Bottom right: Whole sea-bass with home-made chilli (S$28) - The reason why this is not in the list of must-have simply becasue it is sharing food. There is no way you can finish this by yourself. If you come in pack, this a must-have. *inserts wolf howl*

Special Yaki Onigri (S$5.90/2pcs) - I have mentioned that Jap skewers are a little more on the pricey side compared to satay. So what I usually do, is I order carbs with my skewers so that at least I have a fulfilling meal if I am there for a meal. These are basically rice dumplings, but yea it will do :P

With that we have come to the end of the review, hope that didn't leave you too hungry :P And I hope you readers don't all live in the other side of Singapore, if so don't worry too, we will hunt down good affordable yums for your tums. :P

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Jane of Skytrex Adventure: Melaka

Most people who travels to Melaka are usually there for the good food. But if you have been there for a few times already, it can get rather boring. And so today, I will be sharing with you an alternative adventure in Melaka - Skytrex Adventure. (Prequel of a video of my unglam struggles.)

Apart from the park we went in Melaka, they have a few parks in other parts of Malaysia. From what I have heard, they are pretty fun cos the couple behind me has went to the other park in Shah Alam and they are back again!

Just in case, my first video scare a few of you. Trust me, this park is very family friendly. In fact, few teams before us were all families. Depending on how much of a thrill seeker you are, there are 3 circuits for you to choose from. For the adults, you can choose between Extreme Warrior (Me, bro and BF), Pahlawan Thrill (Mum and Dad) and Little Dino (for kids only)

My parents are nearing 60s and don't have that great fitness but they managed to survive nearly till the end of their circuit. For us, I struggled greatly (cos of my short legs not cos I am unfit!!!) but the guys did great! I was flanked by the BF and my Bro, so that I have sufficient support all the way. LOL!

If you are Singaporean, let me warn you first that this is not as curated as the high elements activities we are used to in Singapore. Firstly, although there is an instructor watching you somewhere, they are not by your side all the time. So it can be very scary for "kiasi" people. Haha. But, I have to say I really enjoyed the freedom.

Having said that, this also mean that you have to listen during the initialisation. Cos they will be teaching you how to use your gears (which super look like alien claws). However, they are safe and extremely secure. Tip: If you are super kaisu or don't have enough strength for any of the elements, attach the flying fox gear so that you can glide across. *wink*

So if you don't listen to instructions, you will be stuck like my Mum haha. But don't worry cos the instructors would monkey across to rescue you. Young people, don't laugh ok, cos I also got stuck twice on the zipline. The first time I was rescued. The second time, I sort of monkeyed myself across back.

The second difference is that there is a lot of obstacles in the circuit. You know in Singapore, what we usually have is walking across tight ropes, maybe a web or 2, and probably a flying fox or 2 and it ends. I swear I spent at least 3 hours on air. And every time, I feel like you know I am feeling kinda of sanitised, something difficult pops up and drives my heartbeat up as I figure my way through.

They were kinda of cruel cos they started off with the longest and highest zipline. This means I had to climb up there (that was a true struggle) and then I had to flung myself off the platform. That was scary for me too, cos I seriously would rather have someone pushed me haha. The cowardly me only departed from my adventure when the BF gave me a heart sign at the destination. (zipping off to his embrace. Haha..romantic much)

I always thought I am pretty good at high elements stuff. But when the planks shook and the poles were too far. I screeched, moaned but eventually still completed the obstacles. Quite a sense of achievement. But there is one thing I truly hated, the smell of my armpits, I really never expect to have such a good workout. Remember your deodorant, people!

And some slight tips, you can actually bring your camera up, best if you put it in the waterproof bag den it will free from sweat and can capture all your happy moments. There are actually quite a few insta-worthy moments when you are up in the air. (Check out air-cycling!)

I brought my go-pro along, but hehe, I don't think I captured as good footage. Also, bring a few camera up. We only brought up one, so we missed some moments. Cos you are not always at that close proximity with your crew.

In all, I would really recommend Skytrex Adventure. It is definitely a good exercise after all the binging at Melaka. is very affordable. (approx. S$25) with so much obstacles and you get to enjoy the fresh air. It also helps to forge stronger bonds between you and your team during the adversity.

And because there is no instructor following you around, you can really do things at your own pace and comfort level. No judgmental eyes if you decided to chicken out at any point. Most importantly, it is a whole load of FUN! P.S. if you keep your eyes peeled to the ground, you may even spot dinosaurs. Rawr!~!

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

SukkixLASplash Lipsticks Collection Review

I am not sure if any of you are familiar with glamour girl Sukki Singapora. But I have been following her for a while now so I was super thrilled when I got to try out her a 6-colour lippie collection she recently launched with LaSplash.

Just to share a little more about Sukki, she is Singapore’s very first Burlesque artist. And before all you pervertic male readers link in to kinky striptease, Burlesque is more of a form of art that explores and empowers female's sexuality. And most of the audience are usually female. (Surprise, Surprise!)

I was really happy when I received 5 of her lippies. I didn't get the gold one which was a bummer cos it was one of the more flamboyant colours which I was excited to try for the new year. And I had 2 repeated colours (which one I gave away!)

True to her Burlesque nature, the design of the lippie are intricate and detailed-orientated. Very eye-catching. The colours bold and flirty, which is a good change to the nude shades of lippies and glosses I have. And Sukki was so sweet, not only did she signed off each of the unique lotus-designed cover, she even wrote a note <3

So here's a curated swatch of the different colours.

  1. Sukki (Top Left): This seems like a very office-friendly colour which is chic and powerful at the same time. But for me, bold red is still a striking colour (scares me a bit) but I do acknowledge how great they look on Asian skintone. (Note: I don't have this shade.)
  2. Girl Power (Top Middle): This is a very vampy and mysterious shade. I like that it is purpurish yet not there sort of feel. There is something that makes you wanna go Kiss Me Edward about this shade. Haha
  3. Chio Chic (Top Right): This is my shade now. It is a lot brighter than it seems and my Mum thinks this brighten me up naturally. If you wanna twin with me this is your go-to I guess. Hehe
  1. Burlesque Babe (Bottom Left): My Mum took this cos she said this is something she doesn't have (wanna look young probably) yet not too provocative for work. 
  2. Cupcake Dream (Bottom Middle): Honestly, I am clueless how to pull this off day to day without looking like a Barbie. Haha. This is for giveaway. Ting Ting Ting!
  3. Desi Queen (Bottom Left): The one which I missed. It is not every day you have golden lips right. Should I get it, should I get it?!?

Here's a picture of me in Chio Chic and transformed into a pouty little Diva. Hehe. The lippies were so thick and smooth. One layer and you are good to go. 2 layers for safety precautions Haha. And they smell so good (cake scents), I would have kissed myself to taste them if I could. The applicator was small and easy to use too. :)

Although X'mas is long over, you can still pamper yourself. It is discounted at US$10.80 and comes with free shipping if you get all 6! To purchase the online, visit LASplash. And for those who are hoping to win some pampering goodness to start off the new year, may the 4s be with you. Hehe.