Saturday, January 13, 2018

2018: Tech Year Ahead

Hey guys, just a quick update on some of the gadgets in my life. First up, I changed my phone to a Samsung Galaxy S8. :D This means we will be getting sharper and better night shots photos and videos. Also, after much struggles, I manage to clear some of my memory space :)

The struggle from an iphone to a Samsung was really tough. The buttons and functions are so different. Honestly, I think I am still not fully utilising my phone. Guess my smartphone is a lot smarter than me.

So the BF got me a screen that was amazingly cheap and good(?). I haven't verify how good it is yet because I haven't exactly dropped my phone yet. But at least I could finally start using my phone so that was cool.

This is from Jker Tech at Lazada, but somehow I can't seem to find the right link. But it looks pretty legit coming with a wipe and all. The BF helped me stick it on my phone, But psss, he did such a bad job, I re-do it. Hahaha, so much for waiting for him.

If you know me personally, I would never touch my phone until I have my screen protectors and casing ready. The casing took a while to find the right design (Pss, I note that samsung have a lot less variations than Apple.) And a little longer for it to arrive. Yup, you got it. It is customised!

All the way from Thailand, check out Fabrica. If you are looking for something that is work appropriate yet has a tinge of creativity and chic in it, you may be able to find what you want here. Most of them are prints from artworks. I went for something too plain unfortunately. I think it would look a lot better for wilder designs.

As you can see, I have 3. Generally, I do like letting my phone change covers like how I change clothes. I may be giving away 1 cos samsung covers are hard to come by. So stay tune if you use the same phone as me.

I decided to use my Maths prints for now. Hehe. My current phone is so much bigger than my old phone which was palm sized. (It is a lot heavier that it fell on my face one day when I was using it T.T) So I found myself a phone ring. I always wonder what they were for. Guess now I know. (Update: The ring fell off. Am I using it wrong?!?)

2018 has propelled me into technology. I am also now a proud owner of a Fitbit Ionic. I am also the butt of jokes that the Fitbit is walking me like its dog. It urges me to take sufficient steps, have relaxation periods and trains me. I do sound like its pet puppy.

But it is kinda fun and I do feel that I am getting fitter. Last year, I aimed to be fitter, which went pretty well because I did have at least once a week work-out (1 hour) although it was 3 times in the earlier half of the year. Guess this year, it is more about sustaining and eating right. So wish me luck, ok guys. This is quite an exciting year for me. I have a lot of content in the pipeline so stay tune ok!

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