Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Food Review: Iza Siglap

Lucky you if you are living in the East, cos we found a place serving affordable Japanese fusion food and has a bar to serve alcohol. Psss, even for students, the price is still within budget (suitable for special occasions to bring you date to!)

As you can see from the photos, it has a more chillax atmosphere. There is even an alfresco option - great for the chilly minus rainy weather now. Located in the Siglap neighbourhood, Iza bar is a new hang out for the locals.

Note: This post was written by my representatives. The overall feedback was that the food was very delicious and value-for-money, especially for the atmosphere. Their must-try(s) had similarities (from left to right):-

Otah Tamago (S$6.90) - This was very special (cannot be found elsewhere!) and the combination of the 2 was divine. The precious Otah is also imported from Muar. Not to be missed.

Four-Ton Chawanmushi (S$4.50) - It is named this way because you can find 4 different type of eggs in the Chawanmushi. The taste of each egg is distinct and not mashed up. Great for egg lovers.

Grilled Avacado (S$4.50) - With eggs and bacon, I think this just shouts out to millennials. It is a typical cafe food, but still too yummy to not give it a try.

Other favourites include:-
Top left: Hae Bee Hiam Spaghetti (S$11.90) - It was a fusion dish, incorporating local flavour into it. Not for the faint-hearted.

Top right: 3 pcs Oysters (live or Grilled) (S$12) - Go for this if you love your seafood. The oysters are really fresh and juicy so the live ones are a good bang for your bucks.

Bottom Left: Deep fried chicken soft-bone (S$6) - Highly recommended if you are here with children. It is made solely out of the cartilage so it is boneless.

Bottom right: Skewers (S$1.90 to S$3.50) - Personally, I love Jap skewers. The market rate are always so expensive everywhere. But these are good beer food. Don't go for these if your pocket is tight.

The menu at Iza bar is pretty extensive. Some other great sharing dishes to break the flavour. Nothing fancy still good to have at the table.

Top Middle: TSB Salad (S$5.50) - Most of us don't like our veg. But if it gets surfeiting, a refreshing salad is always good to break an overly meaty diet.

Top right: Stuffed Taupok Special (S$3/pc) - This is like the average girl among the beauties. Nothing wrong with it, just that is not outstanding enough to make it into the must-try list.

Bottom left: Grilled Pineapple (S$2) - A cheaper version of the salad. It is nothing fancy. But it is sweet and yummy. Great value for its price and for those that doesn't like the raw taste of the veg.

Bottom Middle: Coconut drink - For non-alcoholics, this is a good choice of beverage, grilled food tend to be a bit more on the heaty side. So coconut water can help to bring down the temp. (no pun intended)

Bottom right: Whole sea-bass with home-made chilli (S$28) - The reason why this is not in the list of must-have simply becasue it is sharing food. There is no way you can finish this by yourself. If you come in pack, this a must-have. *inserts wolf howl*

Special Yaki Onigri (S$5.90/2pcs) - I have mentioned that Jap skewers are a little more on the pricey side compared to satay. So what I usually do, is I order carbs with my skewers so that at least I have a fulfilling meal if I am there for a meal. These are basically rice dumplings, but yea it will do :P

With that we have come to the end of the review, hope that didn't leave you too hungry :P And I hope you readers don't all live in the other side of Singapore, if so don't worry too, we will hunt down good affordable yums for your tums. :P

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