Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Start your year organised: We are the Walrus

I am a highly disorganized person, so I got you as well (naturally assume you are of the same category as me) swanky We are the Walrus note books (without lines). The design of the cover is simple yet chic and in no way embarrassing so you can bring them for your formal meetings.

Most importantly, it gives you "labels" to intrigue people to know you better. The notebooks come without lines. So it gives all you creative people ample space to jot/draw your thoughts.

So each book comes with each own original 10 signs and Prologue drawings. Some are definitely more interesting than the rest. My brother has opened his Dreamer notebook during X'mas. Just in case you wonder, he is truly one that is physically beside you, but god know where his soul is.

I super love the pictures in it, makes me wanna colour them during boring meetings/lectures if it were mine. Currently, the books are available in black, white and red. Psss, a mystery colour is coming out soon! Excited.
I saved "Traveler" for the BF not cos he is a traveler at heart because he is the complete opposite. Although he lives by the traveler motto - Money is not everything experience is, his wanderlust is highly deficient. I thought it might serve as a good present to remind yourself on the lacks in your life and improve on it.

In comparison, the design of the prologue of "Traveler"is a bit simpler. The design is the same at the back and front. Like less bang for your bucks hor. It is less complicated and artsy too.

Saving the best for last, I present to you "Me". This is for the giveaway and I love how bold and loud it is. Plus the prologue has a wicked sense of humour. It really makes you crack up doesn't it? I think this is perfect for the giveaway because we all need a good smile every now and then don't we?

And there is no better day to start a day - organised and cheery. Just in case you are wondering, if there are any walrus hidden anywhere...Nope it is just the company's name - We are the Walrus. Who ever knew they had such great sense of humour *inserts seal clapping image*

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