Sunday, February 25, 2018

Funky Find: Travel Frog

Hi guys, this is the games you have been anticipating. Based on my understanding, this game - Travel Frog is already raging in Malaysia and China. This Travel Frog game was downloaded by little Malaysian nephew (less than 5 years old) so you can imagine how non-strategic it is. Lol!

To be honest, I felt it was pretty lame. When I realise it was in Japanese, I was even more sian. But it grew onto me because graphics were so pretty. And it is quite low maintenance, play whenever you want. (Weed his garden and feed the snail to earn some clover money!)

You can't really control where your frog travels or when it comes home. But it doesn't matter cos what you are anticipating are the postcards and souvenirs it will send you :D All you have to do is to minimally prepare some food for him and it will leave home. (Sounds very millennial!)

My friend says that the game is modeled after a husband (the frog being the hubby) but I dono whether it is true. Based on my slight research, it is said that after a while, your frog will even gain traveling companions. (I haven't reach that stage yet though!)

For those who are intrigued already, to download, search for "旅かえる". There are many guides available online. But I don't think it is necessary to read so deep into it since this is a pretty zen game after all. And it is really good at satisfing my urges to travel. :P

Thursday, February 22, 2018

LOTD: Burning Passion for Fashion

Feeling really happy about the longer CNY because this means there is a bit more time to take some LOTD (I know it has been so long since I last took one.) I happened to chance up on Playdress and I am so in love with their style.

The quality is good and the price is super reasonable. Plus they have many outlets around Singapore, which means you get to try it before you buy! Awesome max! I bought 2 dresses of similar design. Wanted to buy all, but that's really over-doing it, isn't it.. Hehe.

Navy Gold Look
Navy Blue Dress: Playdress (By the way it is a v-cut at the back but it can still cover the bra strap)
Pineapple Earrings: Rouge Jewelry
Golden Necklace: Got it as free gift from another purchase on Carousell.
Bandage Shoes: River Island

Special mention to my new leather bag cos I think it is so frigging stylish but at the same time very affordable for a quilted lambskin. Would really recommend this store, there are a lot more stylish designs (which are designer inspired) available. They have belts and wallets as well. But I personally prefer all their bags design as it is more timeless. :P

Retro Lilypad Look 
Green Lotus Dress: Playdress (Exact same cutting haha but the fabric is more textured and I love how this match with my Pringle Chips)
Shades: Stole it from the Bro
Lipstick: Coral Kiss Matte from The Body Shop
Earrings: Shinine Designs
Pink Flats: Crocs (Many people told me to thrash it when I post the look. Why does everyone hates it?!? It is an awesome walking shoe!)

In case you are wondering why I named this a lilypad, I am currently quite obsess with a froggy game. Shall do a post on it this weekend to jio some of you to play it. It is frigging cute and doesn't take too much of your time. :P

I will be trying to squeeze in a few more looks posts since it seems that most of you love it when I deviate from safe looks. Ending the posts by wishing all a prosperous CNY!~! <3

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Try and Review: Blue Light Diet

I always thought Try and Review never really let me review much of the "good stuff". So when I actually received 2 boxes of Lutien Essence, I was over the moon. Cos I drink a lot of Brand's Essence, especially when I need to concentrate and be focused. I even use them for my instant noodles soup, sometimes.

I was absolutely psyched to try the blue light diet for 2 weeks. First of all, the Lutien Essence is yums. I drink them cold and it is like a delicious Roselle Tea. Drinking this on a daily basis will keep your eyes healthy, replenishing Lutein and Zeaxanthin in your body that help absorb and filter harmful blue light.

My eyes honestly haven't been very good since last year. And it is really my own fault to a certain extent cos I am always on the laptop or the phone whether I am doing anything productive or just bumming around. There was this point my eyes would water and tear using the comp cos it just hurt too much.

What I did was, I actually use the Rhoto eye-drop (that can be only bought in Jap or TW) to provide temporal relief. But I use it every day like a drug (super unhealthy). After using Lutien Essence, my eyes did get a bit better. I only use my eyedrops twice a week. Great improvement and very happy about it.

But what am I going to do with my Rohto eyedrops which I bought in bulk like a mad woman?!? Sigh.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Wedding Talks: Plating and Inking

Happy V-day to all you lovebirds out there. Found a really interesting, customised present that may make a good anniversary present and thought I should share it with you. :)

I am not sure if you guys are familiar with plate-making. But for me, this is the first time (and definitely not the last) that I am being exposed to this. Just before you guys think this is all the way in Thailand (cos it looks so), it isn't, it is 100% local. #SupportLocal

First off, Plate Ink is located at J-Cube#02-71. If it is not convenient for you, you can always go on their online platform to purchase/design your plates in the own comfort of your home. But because there are so many options, if you are poor in colour-combi like me, you better make a trip down for consultation.

I started off not knowing what I want to finally having some clue of what I want. Mind you, I changed my mind back and forth repeatedly. Fortunately Ibrahim, the friendly designer/artist at Plate Ink was patient enough to give me some "professional opinion" and save me from making a huge mess of my plate. Thanks!

Just to guide you noobs out there (like I am not one myself), here are the steps:
  1. Pick your plate size: it depends on the number of letters. There is a promotion going on. The small ones for your door/ work desk cost S$9.90 at the moment. Since we had a wedding coming up, we decided to go for the big plates. (Cos a wedding should be a big bang right!) It is also on promotion at S$35!
  2. Decide on what you are going to write: Ibrahim suggested something personalised since it was for a wedding. My personal take is if you are here already, watching the birth of your plate and fretting over designs and colours, you must as well make it one in a bizillion and never replicable right!
  3. Pick your plate colour: This was hard. But I settled on Gold cos there is something gohden about this wedding :P But trust me all the colours are so pretty with so much potential. 
  4. Pick your colours: Now this is complicated. There is so much designs you can go for. Sparkle? What about the Border? Same Colour? I think I died at this stage. Lol! My brain went into overdrive.
  5. Add-ons?: You can have hand-drawn art on your plates for 5-10 bucks or even glitter. To make my life simple, I kept it simple. (P.S. the fiane was sure glad I didn't 画蛇添足 cos more is not more in his opinion. Haha!)

So this is our final product. Yes, I blocked out some parts because there should be some suspense before the actual wedding. We went Gold, White and Red. Cos too many colours, it may lose its class. We have a teeny wheeny bit of pattern in the middle.

I eventually didn't try too much stuff. I initially wanted gold and sparkly silver but that's probably a blinding combination. Hahaha. Loving my plate at the moment. (And my friends love it too with some of them considering to get the mini one for themselve cos it is quite cheap!) By the way, it takes about an hour or so for my plate. Way faster than I thought :P

** Updates: Quote "ForFunk" and you will get an additional 5% off even for the discounted prices! Not vaild for online purchases!

Sunday, February 11, 2018

The Amazing Seaweed Mask

Sorry to scare you guys like this, 1 week before V-day and CNY. But this mask is really hell-of-a-scary haha. Just in case you are wondering, this is a seaweed silk mask. The seaweed is chopped into pieces along with the algae. Initially, I thought it might be some fad or hype. But it really works!!!

After putting it on for 20 mins, my skin feels soft and hydrated. And I think it also remove some gunk off my pores. Don't ask me how it do that, I never knew seaweed were such powerful beauty products.

And this is how the seaweed mask looks on the inside, so unassuming right? It looks like a dirty brown thing. Hahaha. Actually after using it, I felt it was quite a waste to just use on my face. So...I think I am going to wipe the remaining stuff on my body after I am done with my face. (OMG, I am gross right!)

For my readers only, first 10 people who quote "ForFunk" when you purchase it will get free postage, whee~~~It is S$39.90 for 10 pieces (S$3.99 a piece). The price is considerably reasonable for products that are 100% organic.  Even the cover looks so dreamy. I love mermaids <3 Plus it is made in Thailand <3 <3 <3

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Thinx is cool

I came across this really cool period product - Thinx. Waited so long for the period to come so that I could give it a go. I think some of you may have heard of them on other platforms. I have inserted 2 videos here because they have seemingly did rigorous testing on it. (One of a local Asian perspective and another of a more international perspective.)

So, a little bit more about Thinx, which I thought it was a very cool concept. Firstly, I think it is environmentally friendly cos you can wash and re-use it. Secondly, I like that it is not a product you have to insert into your vagina. Cos there scares me silly and I always wonder if that would break the hymen.

Thirdly, it is more comfortable not having to wear a bulky pad especially when you are doing sports. Lastly, it is more aesthetically pleasing to not have a pad line when dressed in something tight.

I tried out the hiphugger (S$34) and I love the undies. It was soft and comfy. There was no leakage (I used it on a light day though) and there was no musty smell. The only drawback was that the fabric sort of flaked on me? Washing was simple as well since you just had to rinsed out the blood.

Of course, it is recommended that you use it with menstrual cup and tampons. But I am definitely not doing that. The interior is black and you will never see your own blood and freak out. No wetness too!
There is also quite a number of designs available for you to build a cycle set. Personally, I would be more than happy to use them as daily undies if the price wasn't on the expensive side. The activewear is quite affordable, in comparison. And I probably may try one out soon since I am into an active lifestyle now.

For now, I am happy that my bedsheets remain clean and unstained. My flow is always unnaturally heavy. Have a wonderful period, ladies. I hope you adore this product as much as I do. Let's create a fandom! :P

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Tips on Essential Oils

I always have difficultly going to bed "on time" so if you are like me, you might like this recommendation I have. I think most people already know about this tip, but still going to share it for those who don't. The secret is essential oils.

My logic is that you get familiar to a scent. And so when you sniff it in the surrounding, it induce you to sleep. I even have scents to keep me alert as well. Haha. I have tried many different brands of essential oils and I realise that there is a reason why some are more expensive than the other.

I ever tried the S$2 type from Diaso, but it just cheap and a little bit pungent. Never went back after. I also tried the Body Shop. It was really nice but they have limited selection, so I am quite pleased to share with you Rosmosa.

For sleep, I think I am quite an expert in it. I usually suggest Lavender. You can dilute it in a spray or pour 2-4 drops in your humidifier. It acts as a good room freshener as well. I only started using Lemongrass recently cos of its insect repellant nature. Surprising it went pretty well with Lavender.

Rosmosa also sells other form of essential oils. But I am only familiar with 2 others (cos I am using them) - Tea Tree for treating pimples and Argan Oil for smoother hair. I do hear some essential oils can be consumed but I have done that and I don't think Rosmosa's are meant for consumption.

I do occassionally use it for massage. (More like forcing the BF to massage me LOL!) Doubt they have any healing power per say, but it helps me to relax while the masseur (BF will be sad to know of his new profession hahaha)release the tension. By the way, Rosmosa also have a pretty good selection of humidifiers and at very reasonable price. Do check them out if you need one. :) (I prefer electronic ones by the way if you are interested.)

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Casual Pre-wedding shoot with Ce Wen Photography

Pretty stoked to share with you these photos cos they turn out to be a lot better. Remember the last time I dished out some wedding photo tips in my previous post, guess what we did another "practice session", but on casual shoots this time. And I think it done out great great, better in fact.

By now, we already "know" what to do. The photographer was a lot less in a hurry and put in a lot of effort in finding the perfect lighting and sharing with us some tips here and there. Sometimes it is just trial and error, but you need time to keep trying. So I realise the importance of having a patient photographer.

This time round, we had a lot more intimate shots. (Kiss until damn sian...haha...I think never kissed so much during our time together.) And cos we had great afternoon harsh sunlight, we had some flare shots which I absolutely love and adore. So pretty!!!

I also got to try out more posts to torture the BF....Muhahaha. he carried me a bit this time round. And by the end, I was tired. (o.O) Don't ask me why, but I am tired being carried around like a potato sack. Oh yea one more tip, do remember to get those behind the scene shots. I just realise these shoots look great. (There is one which show us giving our mai-siao face to each other. Haha, but I will save that for our memories.

Hope you enjoy the photos you lovebirds. And if you are considering a shoot this V-Day, you might want to use our photographer - Ce Wen. He is quite dope! I did my make-up myself this time using Burlesque Babe from SukkixLASplash (Read my review on their lippies here!) It is pretty long-lasting but imprints on BF when kissed HAHAHA.

My dress is not new. I have worn it a few times already and it is from Missa More. You can read more here about me raving about my "peacock dress". Because Missa More is still relatively unknown, their clothes are still very very affordable for the quality. (I know cos I shop there hehe!)