Thursday, February 22, 2018

LOTD: Burning Passion for Fashion

Feeling really happy about the longer CNY because this means there is a bit more time to take some LOTD (I know it has been so long since I last took one.) I happened to chance up on Playdress and I am so in love with their style.

The quality is good and the price is super reasonable. Plus they have many outlets around Singapore, which means you get to try it before you buy! Awesome max! I bought 2 dresses of similar design. Wanted to buy all, but that's really over-doing it, isn't it.. Hehe.

Navy Gold Look
Navy Blue Dress: Playdress (By the way it is a v-cut at the back but it can still cover the bra strap)
Pineapple Earrings: Rouge Jewelry
Golden Necklace: Got it as free gift from another purchase on Carousell.
Bandage Shoes: River Island

Special mention to my new leather bag cos I think it is so frigging stylish but at the same time very affordable for a quilted lambskin. Would really recommend this store, there are a lot more stylish designs (which are designer inspired) available. They have belts and wallets as well. But I personally prefer all their bags design as it is more timeless. :P

Retro Lilypad Look 
Green Lotus Dress: Playdress (Exact same cutting haha but the fabric is more textured and I love how this match with my Pringle Chips)
Shades: Stole it from the Bro
Lipstick: Coral Kiss Matte from The Body Shop
Earrings: Shinine Designs
Pink Flats: Crocs (Many people told me to thrash it when I post the look. Why does everyone hates it?!? It is an awesome walking shoe!)

In case you are wondering why I named this a lilypad, I am currently quite obsess with a froggy game. Shall do a post on it this weekend to jio some of you to play it. It is frigging cute and doesn't take too much of your time. :P

I will be trying to squeeze in a few more looks posts since it seems that most of you love it when I deviate from safe looks. Ending the posts by wishing all a prosperous CNY!~! <3

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