Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Comfy Leather Shoes: Lucca Vudor

I bought a pair of leather flats lately and I didn't like it one bit. It was cheap but I absolutely hated it. The thing about me and my shoes are...much as I love them, I have ugly feet. (Sad but very true) So usually even at a sale, I walk out disappointed. Cos my feet look ugly. And in rare cases it look good, the shoes feel wrong.

So, I am very happy to share with you the leather shoe shop I found. There are some shoes you put your feet in, and you feel heaven. (For me, it is usually in the 300s range.) *Faints* But I found Lucca Vudor which is in the hundred range. You can even find some less than hundred!

Don't be fooled by their website, because they have a lot of designs at their store. I had a hard time picking that one shoe. P.S. I needed black footwear. And the number of black heels/ flats they have was mind-blowing. And, we always thought leather shoes were "classic" aka boring.

How wrong we were!!! They have a good collection of work appropriate shoes. And there was a discount on too. Part of me was like, let's just buy the whole shop down. But another part of me was like "let's out them to the test!" (I will be walking a lot next week, let's see if it hurts me!)

Just so you know, they have a sale going on. Mentally, I really wanted a walking leather flat and a floral print because they are so chic even if they are not work/corporate appropriate. I am in love I truly am. I even made put her foot into my shoe to gush about how comfy they were.

As you know, I was picking a pair of black. I know you are thinking it is boring now. LOL, but they are not. Because I have more LOTD next week, I will be updating the post on them. Hehe..suspense. Stay tune if you wanna find out :P

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