Sunday, March 25, 2018

Tips on wedding bands

Since we have collected our wedding bands, I thought I should write on something more light-hearted after my last post. Wheee~!~ And if you are purchasing your wedding bands soon, here's some tips to help you with this special moment!
  1. There's no point flipping magazines. Seriously, you need to down to the shops and try them on. Designs that look good on paper may not look nice on your finger. I thought I didn't like tiny diamonds. But guess I apparently look good with bling :P

  2. Explore the different shops. Try Ion Jewellery Street, unless you are looking for the atas or unconventional brands, you can find Poh Heng, Soo Kee, Love & Co., Goldheart, Lee Hwa all in the same vicinity. 

  3. You will know the right ring after a few tries. Initially, I was trying many designs. When it came to the end, I kept picking the same design over and over again. It just came to a point of comparing the minor details.

  4. You don't have to get matching rings. Cos what looks good on your partner may not look good on you. I think in the past everyone wanted matching rings. But it doesn't seem to be trendy anymore. In fact, ours isn't a couple ring. We matched them ourselves.  

  5. Pick the ladies' ring first. Personally, I think that the ladies' ring have more designs. Most guys prefer simple cutting which is easier to match. 

  6. You don't need to get them from the same shop. Surprise, surprise, mine is from Soo Kee and his Goldheart. We just like our respective rings too much so we took the risk. And good thing we did. Cos I love mine so much. *P.S. you may miss out on store discounts though. 

  7. Don't make hasty purchases. We learnt this from a sales lady at Love & Co. She told us to think through it 24 hours before confirming on what decision. I was quite certain the next day, that this was the ring I wanted, even dreamt of it hahaha. (We did contemplate buying the rings from the same shop.) 

  8. Season your ring before engraving. Don't rush to do it because you wanna save time. Make sure it fits you well. Cos after you engrave you won't be able to change the size!
To end off, if the wedding band is something you intend to wear for a long time, buy something you really love. Now, I can't wait to be married because I want to wear my ring. <3

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