Sunday, April 29, 2018

Allergies to NIVEA Super Mousse Cleanser

This is quite an upsetting post. Presenting my last happy face :( So I was playing around with the Nivea Moisture and my face broke out in allergies. Generally, my skin is quite "resistant" and "brands-friendly". But dono why, this time round it flushed red...lobster red.

Despite all the fun I had playing with the mousse and my love for fluffy foam, I am a little dissed I can't use this product. And my Dad happily took it and in his words, "relieve me from the sorrow".

And so I will not be reviewing the product. Grrr. I am sure if my face didn't react to it, this product should be fun to use. Plus it supposedly makes your skin more hydrated  too after 7 days. Sigh, let me know if it works for you. I need to now save my face with I-dono-what.

If you have never been pretty, who the hell cares about being ugly

Updates: Moisturiser has saved my skin :D

Thursday, April 26, 2018

IRÉN: Miracle Serum

When many people talk about miracle water, they refer to SKII. Today, I will be revealing to you guys, my Miracle Serum. Life hasn't been great lately. I have been sleeping late for the past one month (not my choice) and it is reflecting on my skin :(

I chanced upon IRÉN, a personalised skincare line made specially for busy women. So if you are like me who is a bit time-stretched and have no time for complicated skin routines, you got to try it!

The packaging of IRÉN is incredibly eye-catching. The paper bag that hold their products is like so chic, I might even be willing to buy it haha as gift bags! The silly me also attempted to open the boxes the "traditional way". Check out my my boomerang on how futuristic they are.

For me, I am trying out 3 of the 7 available customised serum. Check out the full list:
  1. Anti-aging serum - Goji Extract
  2. Clearing Serum - Pumpkin Extract
  3. Whitening Serum - Yuzu Extract
  4. Soothing serum - Avacado Extract
  5. Hydrating serum - Bluberry Extract
  6. Anti-acne serum - Magnsteen Extract
  7. Anti-wrinkle serum - Beet Extract
Honestly, I was really thankful for the serum because there was this week I had really little sleep (less than 6 hours) and it was showing on my skin. My skin was rough and uneven and putting make-up doesn't help. I felt darn ugly. But the serum managed to temporarily revive my skin. :)

And I liked the fact that it was portable and quick. I could just quickly slap some on the taxi while rushing to the destination. There was one time I was in so much rush I accidentally dabbed some into my eye. But heng, unlike some products it didn't produce a stinging sensation.

To show you how effortless the steps are, here's a summary:
  1. Cleanse and tone your skin with your usual skincare products
  2. Twist the cap of the serum open. The dropper will draw 1 full pump of serum, which will be equivalent to a 5 cents coin size. You will only need to dispense 1/3 amount if you wish to mix your serums together
  3. Dispense 1/3 amount on your palm for each serum, mix all three together on your palm and pat gently on the skin

The customised serum cost S$58 for a 10ml bottle of goodness. But there is a promo now that allows you to get 3 serum at the price of 2. The price is definitely a little on the steep side. But, at least it is effective. For me, I use it sparingly for extremely desperate situations, which is becoming rather frequent. :P

As you can see from the video, you actually don't need to use a lot so it will last quite a while. And it is really cool how the dropper would automatically draw out 1 full pump of the serum. Note: You will only need 1/3 if you are mixing. I have let you in on my beauty skin. Let me knows if it works for you too, ok!

Monday, April 23, 2018

Share Now: Discount code with Style Orphic

In my Art Zoo post, I was wearing this Kitten Cropped Sweatshirt, which many people said made me look young. Actually, most of the time I look young for my age...what saying you all!!! LOL! *Triggered*

I just don't have a habit of wearing cropped tops so I thought I should share with you gals some tips on how to wear them. My biggest concern with cropped tops is that it reveals my mid-section i.e. protruding belly. I mean on good days, I guess it is cool to show them off.

But I have been binging a lot so nope, I am not ready to show these rolls. So what I did was, I paired these tops with high waisted shorts (and skirts in my next look). Because the kitty is kinda of peek-a-boo, the brain seems to take i better that this pussy is checking out the world from your pants *No Sex-jokes intended*

Just for info, I got the Kitten Cropped Sweatshirt at a great snag S$16. And you know, when the price is too good, sometimes there will be something wrong with the top. Either the dimensions are off, the material is off, or something somehow will go wrong.

But...I am glad mine turned out amazing. The material is a little bit of the swimwear material and it is a little warm in it (but that's normal for all long sleeve tops). But I am fine with it cos it is so frigging cute. The dimensions were ok. I just felt so cute in it. And it even came with a free metallic totally no complaints on my side.

Just so you know, the store - Style Orphic sells a series of items, other than apparel. K-pop fans, you are going to like their whole collection of K-pop items. There also onesies, Funko toys and even instax polaroids. It is actually pretty interesting to just scroll through their stuff.

For our readers only, quote "ForFunk" and you will get an additional 10% off their items. Isn't it great, I am paving for you discounts so that you can buy as much as you want off their shop!!!

Friday, April 20, 2018

Walk the Dog: Run with Snoopy

I am so busy with mugging lately. (T.T) But good news is ForFunk has great content on the way. It is just that I don't have the time to pen them all down. But stay tune, cos good stuff is coming. Just received something in the mail :P

On a separate note, I am writing cos I am doing a shout-out for something that is really exciting! I grew up with this character so I really wanna share it with you guys! Snoopy and the Peanuts gang are coming to Singapore!

The last time they popped by Singapore to run with us was in 2016. So lucky us, we have a cute themed run this year. There was a point when themed run were the rage and suddenly they were all gone. Just so you know, registration is ending on 30th April, 2018. So, do act fast if you want to join the run! Click here to register!

Psss.. a 6-meter-tall-Peanuts character inflatable will also be making its debut at the run. And runners, you will get a Woodstock drawstring pack and a stylish limited gold-ink printed T- shirt! For fans who have the budget, I would really suggest to get a classic or plushie pack because it consist a greater set of collectibles -  towel, purse and even a plush doll *faints*

If you are going to, you will be seeing me there. This is the first time I am having a run at Bedok Reservoir Park so I am pretty pumped about it.

More Event Details:
Event date: Sunday 1st July, 2018
Time: 7:00am-11am

Just for the lovely readers of ForFunk, we have 2 Snoopy runner packs (entry pack) to giveaway, just in case you miss the registration date. The entry pack will allow you to join the run. But you won't get the nice cuties. (Mai Hiam, better than miss the run right!) And at least you will get the gorgeous finishing medals!)

We are going to keep the rules simple. Just tell me who is the friend you would like to bring. (P.S I expect the winner to take lots of photos to share with me one, ok! :P)We will close the giveaway on 1 May and will announce the winners right here. I can't wait to run with you guys! May the odds be in your favour. Start training for the run now!~!

Updates: We have contacted the winner. Congrats and thanks for joining!

Thursday, April 5, 2018

We went to Art Zoo!

Last weekend, I went to the Art Zoo. Cos I went after a slight drizzle, it was not very crowded but haix the "bouncing castles" were a little dirty :( The BF had a little bit of OCD so I didn't get the opportunity to bounce around :(

But because the weather was a bit chilly, I got to wear a my new Kitten Cropped Sweatshirt with my fav shorts from Thailand. FYI, I have like 2 of the same designs. :P

As over-sized, over-grown bouncers (who didn't bounced), I thought the entrance fees of S$17.80 was a little bit pricey. I think if I did bring my kids (if any) in, my heart would still ache a bit. But still, there were a lot of happy kids and tired parents flooding the place.

The designs of the bouncing arena was really pretty, innovative and they looked very fun. Plus with the myriad of colours, this place is awesome for the Instagram. Since I was inside already, I did what I do best, take photos and post (pose)! Hahaha.

Just in case you are wondering, my bright smiles are neither cued nor forced. The whole place is just very cheery and there is this merry song that is going on repeat. Halfway, I even found myself humming along. Geez. And I really wanted to shove some kids and bounce. (T.T)

But it is really impossible to stay more than 2 hours (even with bouncing). I really wanted to catch the night scene, I bet it has strobe lights and all. Guess it would be pretty and good for the gram. But I was hungry (no food inside by the way) and I just can't see myself wandering around for another hour before the sun sets.

So I did take some videos for the instastory, but I am not sure why it is so quality when transferred. Will I be going again in future? Eh, maybe if I have free tickets, feeling rich or have kids that I need to exhaust them?!? HAHAHA.

Hope you had fun and didn't burn your pocket too much while you were there. By the way, their souvenirs were really reasonably-priced (S$- max $10). Wish I had a pesky, crying kid to force the BF to buy some home. He refused to get me any. Sigh.