Sunday, April 29, 2018

Allergies to NIVEA Super Mousse Cleanser

This is quite an upsetting post. Presenting my last happy face :( So I was playing around with the Nivea Moisture and my face broke out in allergies. Generally, my skin is quite "resistant" and "brands-friendly". But dono why, this time round it flushed red...lobster red.

Despite all the fun I had playing with the mousse and my love for fluffy foam, I am a little dissed I can't use this product. And my Dad happily took it and in his words, "relieve me from the sorrow".

And so I will not be reviewing the product. Grrr. I am sure if my face didn't react to it, this product should be fun to use. Plus it supposedly makes your skin more hydrated  too after 7 days. Sigh, let me know if it works for you. I need to now save my face with I-dono-what.

If you have never been pretty, who the hell cares about being ugly

Updates: Moisturiser has saved my skin :D

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